Never in Doubt; Dogs Take Down the Knights

After basically dominating their bitter rivals in the
Black Knights  for the entire game, the Bulldogs let them creep into the game for the last few minutes of the fourth quarter.

To give credit where credit is due the Stoughton fan section traveled well and although they were very quiet for most of the game they were loud and clear during Canton free throws at the end.

With that being said the Bulldogs eventually escaped with a win but instead of twenty points it was five. Disappointing considering it had the makings of a statement win written all over it. But hey, “Winning’s Winning” -Vin Diesel –Pat LaBelle

Now for some highlights of the game from the student section perspective.

Back and Forth of the game: “Daddy’s Money vs. SAT scores”

During a Canton free throw the Stoughton section erupted with a chant of “Dad-dy’s mon-ey” to which some fans in the Canton section responded with a chant of “S-A-T scores”. While some didn’t take kindly to the chants I think its good in building rivalries between towns. As you can tell I’m a firm believer in all is fair in love, war, and high school student sections.

Old Reliable of the game: Nothing beats the moment you see the other team hoist up a shot and it catches nothing but air. The dreaded air-ball happened first to Canton but soon Stoughton had one of their own causing the student section to chant “Air-ball”

Overall not a bad showing for the student body but there is definitely a need for some new voices at upcoming games.

P.S- Bulldogs 3-0 in Friday night home games not saying just saying



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