P.S.A; Don’t be that Student Section

As I have made pretty clear I love animosity between towns and student sections I think it adds a special element to the game and almost anything should be fair game to be yelled, cheered, chanted, etc.

But there is one form of chanting that I’ve never been a fan of; bringing another sport into a game.

Its the type of chant that requires no thinking and it almost always is a cop out for losing in a game that you can’t win in.

For example, you are losing by thirty points in basketball but you are going to chant another programs football or hockey name. Its honestly embarrassing. You may have had success against that team in the past but you are getting your butt kicked right in the present.

There are so many intelligent digs to take at another team maybe some that even push the boundaries of what should be chanted there is no need to stoop down to a simple-minded roast.

And to all the schools that continue to chant like this…

Congrats on the past but I’m a what have you done for me lately guy.

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