The Art of the 50/50 Raffle

Walking into the CHS gym ready to root on the Dog’s gets my blood flowing more than most things in my life. But there is one event that happens throughout the course of every game that simply can not be beat; the 50/50 raffle.

Believe me when I tell you there is no greater joy in life then winning the average of $20 that the pot accumulates to.

I recently won $27 from the raffle (not to brag) and while all the fans around me called me lucky I chalked it up to simple mathematics or “basic trig” as I call it.

When you go up to buy your raffle tickets take notes on the deals. Often there is a 1 ticket for $1 or 5$ for 7 tickets price range.

The way I look at it, you are literally buying free money if you get the five for seven and would be dumb not to play your odds. I’m not a math guy but if you buy 7 tickets for every game I’m 99% sure you are bound to win eventually.

With my $5 investment and $27 in prize winnings I netted $22. $21 to be re-invested in future 50/50’s and one dollar for school cookies.

With my algorithm for the 50/50 all but foolproof to win me enough gas money for a year I’m starting to refocus my energy towards a new foe..but an old friend.. “Chuck-A-Puck”

But that’s for another time.

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