Medway Takes Down Dogs’ On the Ice But Not The Student Section

From the first drop of the puck Saturday afternoon when the Dogs’ took on Medway at the Ice House it was clear that goals were going to be hard to come by.

The first period featured few quality scoring chances for both teams and after one period of play neither team was able to find the back of the net. One of the stars of the game Quinn “Camo Vest Fridays” Gibbs (18 saves) kept the Mustangs at bay despite a couple of decent deflections by Medway.

At the start of the second period it was more of the same from an offensive standpoint. And while the defense did their job well, Medway was able to find the back of the net with a nicely placed slap-shot giving them hold of the first lead of the game 1-0.

In between periods was the infamous chuck-a-puck and though today felt like my day; the results spoke for themselves.

Out of my 3 pucks for 5$ investment not one of them even landed within the perimeter of the “C” at center ice. I think I need to study what I call the “Hockey Dad” algorithm regarding the friction of the ice and projectile motion of the puck (Physics majors or Dads feel free to contact me). Once I have this technique mastered the next one has my name written all over it.

The third period was a testament to the Mustangs ability to bend but not break on defense. Canton had several great scoring chances but just couldn’t drive one home giving Medway the 1-0 victory.

The game was a rare home ice loss for the 9-3-2 Bulldogs who look to get back on track next Wednesday against a hot Taunton Tigers team fresh off a win against Franklin.

As for the student section its fair to say Canton took the W.

While there is still room for improvement in the Dog Pound faithful; the game featured a few strong moments lets take a look…

Chant of the Game: ABC’S

Theres always a “Lets go Bulldogs” or “You can’t do that” chant but the ABC’s represents a certain class I love to see in our stoody. A++ work

Fan of the Game: Matt “ravioliravioligivemetheformuoli” Mackay

With regular references to “The Bee Movie” and “Spongebob” Matt is a leader among men (and student sections). He provides a strong voice and passion that you just do not see everyday. Keep up the good work.

Weirdest Brag of the Game: Myself

“I drank a 14oz bottle of ketchup”

In the end, it was a tough game but a good turnout.

Until next time always remember No Names No Numbers.


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