You Win Some and You Lose Some; Bulldogs split games at the Dunk

In the first of the two games the Girl’s Basketball team controlled the play of the game for almost the entire game. Jr. Hannah Jerrier led the team with commanding post play dropping a double-double on the Sharon Eagles finishing with an astounding 26 points and 11 rebounds. Sr. Emma Murphy was also influential in the win tacking on another 13 points.

Despite a late Eagles surge the team held on for a strong 58-49 win; the team’s second in a row in what is showing up to be a late season charge for the Lady Bulldogs.

The Dogs’ will look to keep their winning ways going Tuesday February 3rd 6:30pm at Oliver Ames.

As for the boys game, it was not the typical style of basketball fans were used to seeing.

Uncharacteristic turnovers for key players, an inability to contest the three-ball or protect the paint plagued the Dogs’ throughout.

In typical Bulldog fashion it was a low scoring first half and despite all the mistakes  a 23-18 lead for Sharon did not seem insurmountable.

With that being said for nearly the entire game it felt as if Canton was on the brink of a comeback and to give credit where it is due the Eagles continued to respond with timely threes.

After halftime Sharon never gave way to the lead and with some garbage time free throws ultimately won the game by a score of 62-53.

(Jr.) Tony Harris led  the Dogs’ with 21 points while (Soph.) Devin Foster chipped in 8 of his own.

The Dogs’ will look to bounce back Tuesday February 3rd home at 6:30pm against  Oliver Ames with playoffs on the line.

As for the student section it’s fair to say it was a great experience for those who attended. The court-side seats were something that even at at the high school level were awesome to watch from and the proximity to the court did not stop the cheers.

Line of the Game: “I love Vin Diesel but that was a Fast Five!”

In response to a five second call against the Bulldogs. Also second time a Fast and Furious movie has been mentioned in this blog..that series never dies.

Hand up, not the best day for the Stoody but a frustrating game may have got to us a little bit  #WeAreOntoOA

P.S- Shoutout to CHS Cheer for coming out also a W for Canton in my opinion



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