Bulldogs Crush an Up-and-Coming Taunton Team.

Going into the game it was hard to tell what was to be expected from the Taunton Tigers.

Obviously they had one of the biggest upsets of the year taking down perennial D1 powerhouse Franklin, but yet blowout losses at the hand of North Attleboro and Oliver Ames questioned if the team was truly battle tested enough especially due to a rather weak non-league schedule.

With the line (imaginary of course) set at Dogs’ -3.5 it was time to start the game.

The Dogs’ got the scoring going with a (Jr.) Mike Dadasis goal assisted by (Jr.) Jack Goyetch and then within a minute doubled the lead with (Sr.) Ryan Lodge squeaking one past the Taunton goalie assisted by (Jr.) Charlie O’Connor.

With the Bulldogs controlling time of possession and offensive zone time they went to the locker room with a 2-0 lead but the pregame uncertainty was gone as it was clear the Tigers were not a team to be overly-feared of.

In the second frame, (Jr.) Charlie Malloy put the dogs up 3-0 with a goal that would make Wayne Gretzky jealous and a failed celebration that has hockey players everywhere shaking their head.

(Jr.) Bubba McNeice made it 4-0 with 5:44 left in the second.

The goal of the game has to go to (Soph.) Ryan Nolte deking around two Taunton defenders before undressing the goalie to give the Dogs’ a commanding 5-0 lead at the end of the second.

Less than 4 minutes into the 3rd period McNeice got his second adding to the already out of hand game. And with a 6 goal lead many of the students started to remember all the undone homework assignments and tests for the next day and the thought of beating the traffic was creeping in.

But then things got interesting…

In the middle of the period “chippyness” or as I saw it just flat out dirty hits and plays by Taunton boiled over to a fight alongside the Taunton bench. When the dust settled and the helmets recovered Canton saw their captain ejected from the game along with another Taunton player.

I never would condone fighting in a high school hockey game (I’m too humble) but I can’t lie I felt like I was back in middle school thinking “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

When a fight breaks out in a high school event there are always a number of factors that lead up to it; so lets play the blame game.

30%- The Referees

“Never blame the referees!” Well, unless they let subtle punches and cheap shots (that happen right in front of them)  go the whole game from Taunton players. #Sad!

69%- Taunton players

No bias here of course, but watching players in a blowout game no longer going for the puck, laying blindside hits instead of trying to score a goal, and taking jabs after the whistle is #Sad!

1%- Canton Players

I guess caring too much about your team and standing up for yourself deserves some blame now-a-days…Sad! #GodIMissThe80’s

After the big fight, Brian “Cherry on Top” Ghostlaw scored his first of the year and put the bow on a huge 7-0 win.

As for the Student Section…

Brother of the Game: Tommy Ghostlaw

Watching a young respectable man lose their mind over their brothers first goal warmed my grinch-like heart. Also (and unrelated) but brother is a word you don’t trust when you see it typed; I had to look up how to spell it.

Chant of the Game: Start the Busses

On a regular game this doesn’t crack the list, but coming right after the legendary fight it gave me chills.

Fan of the Game: Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy from the clouds! Holding up an L to the two Taunton students who came to watch the game on their way out is gold. The “L” stays undefeated now and forever.

Dogs’ win. Stoody wins. No Names No Numbers.

P.S- I lost chuck-a-puck

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