Bulldogs Take Game 1 of Quinn Tournament

The following article was submitted by Tommy DeLello

On Tuesday night the Bulldogs found themselves in a familiar situation as the favorites to win the annual Quinn Hockey tournament. With that being said, a giant roadblock faced them in the first round, the Medfield Warriors.

First I’d like to say, the creator of this blog, Patrick “I have the sniffles” LaBelle was at home with a “fever” so the always rowdy Dog Pound was placed into the hands of Canton High’s self acclaimed superfan… myself. It was a tall order for a stoodie compiled of about 17.5 students, (Tommy Ghostlaw wasn’t much of a talker to say the least). And we found ourselves sandwiched in between two colossal groups of Medfield parents.

It was a true David versus Goliath story.

As the first period ensued, the Dogs’ fell victim to (in my homer opinion)  a couple ghost roughing calls. Of course, this was no problem for Jack Goyetch and the aggressive penalty kill unit. After one of these calls against the Bulldogs it was Goyetch who found himself in a race for the puck with a much larger, yet slower, defenseman. He beat him to the puck, shielded it from oncoming traffic, drove to the net and in Orr-like fashion finished it as he was tripped from behind. A very shameful celly followed the goal, but hey respect the biz right? A goal is a goal and it put the Dogs’ up 1-0 after one.

After a long intermission filled with soft pretzels, (soft because I got my wisdom teeth out a couple days ago… no excuses but this was basically Jordan flu game 2.0) the Dogs’ and Warriors came back out in the second and put forth an extremely dynamic period. One filled with big hits, penalties, and great saves by both teams.

The highlight of the period came with 2.7 seconds left when (Sr.) Defenseman and Captain CJ Martin heroically saved the tying goal with a puck hovering in the crease, however the referee’s claimed that he had committed a penalty; one in which a penalty shot was awarded to Medfield.

The Medfield shooter, with the aid of an incredible triple deke (one eerily similar to that done by Charlie Conway in The Mighty Ducks) knotted the game at 1 goal apiece. The goal was probably the highlight of this kids life with insane skill shown… but would it be enough?

As the 3rd began, many of the same game trends continued.

Finally, with 7 minutes remaining and the Dogs’ dominating on the powerplay (Fr.) Johnny Hagan ripped a wrist shot blocker side and it found the back of the net, the Dog Pound went nuts as he celebrated up to the glass. The Dogs’ carried this momentum the rest of the game and  with (Sr.) Ryan Lodge putting home a rebound for a goal just minutes after Hagan’s Rocket, the Bulldogs stayed the course for a great 3-1 win over the defending D2 State Champions.


Fan of the Game: Mom of Medfield Goalie

After the 3rd goal of the game the Dog Pound began the usual “SIV” chant toward the goalie, because as the readers of this blog know everything is fair in love, war, and High School student sections, but this woman did not get that memo. This lady got up all her nerve and decided to confront the beast that is the dog pound. She came right up to the ears of some of the girls in the crowd and began to yell multiple times “Why are you yelling at my son?! THAT’S MY SON IN NET! BE RESPECTFUL TO MY SON OR STOP CHEERING!” I mean as much of an embarrassing move as this was, you gotta respect they play. She was going all out the whole game cheering and yelling, the whole works but nothing was going her way. So she went for the Hail Mary, attempting to silence the stoodie for the last 5 minutes to allow her team to come back and win. I give props to that mom. However, it simply did not work as we only fed off the negative energy from hero mom and it led to the Dogs’ dominating play in the final minutes and a rather uneventful final five for the Warriors. So nice try hero mom, but better luck next time.

The Dogs’ are back in action Thursday night back at Raynham at 730 for the championship game… we will need all the kids we can get, BE THERE!

Editors Note: As Drake once said  “Just like Flu season man I ain’t nothing to play with”. I did in fact have a  102 degree fever (not to brag) and that was the only thing keeping me from rooting on the Dogs’. I will be back like Jordan wearing the 4-5 come Thursday. #NNNN

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