Senior Leadership and Young Star Power lead Bulldogs over Bishop Feehan

During every great championship run, there is always a game you look back upon as the one where you truly started to believe that team could go all the way.

This game might be that for the Bulldogs.

Things got off to a rocky start for the Dogs’ when the Shamrock’s first line came out flying (they did not play in the two team’s first matchup). The Bulldogs did not look like they were playing at the same speed as the Shamrocks and as a result, Feehan slammed a rebound home to put them up 1-0 just 58 seconds into the game.

Despite the slow start the Bulldogs started to pick up pace afterwards; especially in terms of physicality. The Dogs’ were the agressor for not only the first period but the entire game, led by Senior Captains Jackson Maffeo and CJ Martin.

On the offensive end, the Bulldogs were getting a fair amount of shots off but were lacking any truly great chances. Shots were officially 9-9 after one.

Once again the start of the second period was tricky for the Bulldogs and Feehan’s infamous first line kept proving they were legit.

After a turnover in the defensive zone, A Feehan forward was able to pounce on the puck, skate in, and bury a breakaway leaving the Bulldogs a 2-0 deficit with 9:43 to go in the second.

It started to feel as though the end was near for the Bulldogs, but right when you think they’re out… they pull you back in. ► 0:06

For some inexplicable reason it was not Feehan who rode the momentum for the rest of the game, but rather the Dogs’.

The Bulldog’s defensemen getting in on the offensive rush played a crucial role in the team’s comeback attempt; something that had yet to be seen this year.

And after a slew of chances the puck found it’s way onto (Sr.) Jackson Maffeo’s stick in the high slot where he wound and fired a slapshot top shelf that would make Zdeno Chara jealous. The goal cut the deficit in half to a score 2-1 Feehan.

After the first goal in the second period, the Bulldogs controlled the game. However to the Shamrock’s credit they had to have racked up 10+ blocked shots truly sacrificing the body which kept the Bulldogs from getting more shots on net.

The Bulldogs came out in the 3rd knowing that if they did not score there would be no tomorrow

And they played like it.

Winning every one on one battle, every race to the puck, and laying the body at every opportunity is what got the Bulldogs the equalizer as (Soph.) Ryan Nolte buried one on the doorstep. 2-2 game

And what’s a good playoff game without a little controversy?

With just over two minutes to play in the third period (Fr.) Johnny Hagan ripped a wrist shot off what appeared to be the back of the crossbar inside the net (appeared meaning anyone with the gift of sight could tell it went in). From what I could find in my research this is the definition of a goal “In ice hockey, a goal is scored when the puck completely crosses the goal line between the two goal posts and below the goal crossbar. An example would be Johnny Hagan of Canton in the third period with two minutes left in a tied state tournament game against Bishop Feehan”.  DisclaimerI got my definition off of Wikipedia.

After the non-goal heard round the world there was also some questionable calls against the Bulldogs but they were killed off and neither team was able to score taking the game to overtime.

In the first 6 minutes of 4 v. 4 O.T, both teams had their chances but neither team could find the back of the net sending it to double overtime.

After (Jr.) goalie Quinn Gibbs stood on his head for two saves the breakout pass found its way onto the stick of Ryan Nolte.

Nolte put the puck through his legs to start out the attack and what happened next will go down in CHS hockey history. A nifty outside move controlling the puck on the backhand and then a quick move to the forehand undressed both the Feehan defenseman and sent the Canton bench into a frenzy securing a 3-2 double overtime win.

The  6th seeded Dogs’ advance to the sectional semi-finals to face the 2nd seeded Medway Mustangs next Tuesday at Gallo Arena in Bourne at 5:30pm.


And now for the student section.

A game for the ages provided for the stoody of the year so lets get right into the awards.

One Liner of the Game: “That Pesky Blue Line!”

As a Feehan player skated backwards in the bulldogs zone he took a SPILL head over heels onto the blue line. With a dead silent rink there was an opening for the line of the game to get prime real estate in the mind of the opposing team. Credit to Connor Proctor for line.

Fan of the Game: Joey Pacitti

When you don’t think the genius of the “Canton is Coming” chant can get any better after the furious two goal comeback “Canton has Arrived” came into to play. Masterful work Joey. Masterful.

Moment of the Game: Rushing the Glass

It just never gets old.

Dog’s Win. Stoody Wins. No Names No Numbers.

P.S- On to Gallo

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