The Garden; Lady Bulldogs Down Westwood in Bourne

Teacher vs. Students

Town vs. Town

A trip to the TD Garden for a shot at a state championship on the line.

The script leading up to the game could not have been written any better for the matchup between the Girls hockey team of Westwood vs. Canton high’s finest and the game did not disappoint.

In the first period it was Canton who controlled the pace of play. But despite many chances generated from the likes of Sophomores Lauren Fitzpatrick and Maggie Malloy the Lady Bulldogs could not find the back of the net.

Westwood responded with some chances of their own but (Jr.) Goalie Colleen Kelleher stood on her head to keep the score knotted at 0 heading into the first intermission.

In the second frame it appeared to be more of the same. The Bulldogs set the tone with puck possession and physicality while also being able to avoid penalties. However, goals stayed at a premium with superb goaltending on behalf of both teams.

And right when it appeared it was going to come down to the final fifteen minutes to decide a victor, Canton struck courtesy of (Jr.) Kendra Farrelly with just over 3 minutes to go in the second putting the Dogs’ up 1-0.

In the third it was clear who deserved to win the game. The Bulldogs continued to press and the Westwood comeback attempts were squashed. The win earned the 14th seeded Bulldogs a trip to the TD Garden for the D2 State Championship against number one ranked Notre Dame Academy Sunday March 19th, at 11am et.


There are some things in life that you couldn’t write a better script if you tried. This game was one of them.

Mr. Amico’s  (AP Career education teacher at CHS) Westwood team took on the Bulldogs in the most anticipated matchup since Paquio vs. Mayweather.

With this huge matchup the stoody did not disappoint and came out in masses providing easy content for some semi-final game awards.

Song of the Game: National Anthem

This one was a toss-up between our nation’s anthem and Ed Sheehan’s “Shape of you“. But on U.S.A theme I’ll give the nod to my guy Francis Scott. Also some great voices in the stoody from those brave enough to sing along (cc: CHS Choir)

Line of the Game: “That was egregious!”

Some SAT vocab like you read about in response to a very questionable no-call against Westwood.

Fan of the Game: Maggie Wade

Maggie is an ultimate “team first” player and her pump-up ability appears to be second to none. Not everyone’s purpose on a team is to go out and score three goals a night. The real glue players know their role and from my days of being a bench mob basketball player I’ll say it is a crucial part to every team.

Chant of the Game: “Countdown to Freedom”

The amount of freedom I felt after this chant was the equivalent of Andy Dufresne’s escape from Shawshank.

With time winding down on a Bulldog penalty the study chanted in unison “3-2-1- FREEDOM!” gives me goosebumps just thinking bout it.

Dogs’ Win. Stoody Wins. NNNN. Garden in 3.

P.S- To those saying ND is unbeatable here’s a little speech. Ever heard of it?

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