Girls Lax Wins in a Senior Night Thriller


Canton High School’s Girls lacrosse senior night was one to remember.

The Bulldogs fell down 1-0 early into the game and the differential stayed almost completely consistent throughout.

It was like déjà vu over and over again, the Bulldogs would score to tie the game only to immediately surrender a goal to the Tigers keeping them down one. It was truly a remarkable pattern and display of the competitive nature of two equally matched teams.

However, at one point in the game Taunton was able to extend their lead to 3 with a score of 8-5. While not a seemingly insurmountable lead with the way the two teams matched up it seemed as though the game might be slipping away from the Bulldogs.

But not enough can be said to describe the perseverance and leadership shown by Canton’s senior girls. Specifically, the play of Emily Fabbiano (6 goals) and Mary Kent (hat-trick) as well as key saves made by Kathryn Doody were what brought the Bulldogs back into the game.

The Bulldogs scored three unanswered (Fabbiano and Kent) to tie the game at 8 and after another series of back and forth goals, the two teams were tied at 11 with just 6 minutes to play in the game.

Taunton’s Abby Kingman (five goals) gave Taunton the lead shortly after but once again the Bulldogs responded with another three unanswered goals off the sticks of Fabbiano, (Soph.) Lauren Fitzpatrick, and Kent. The run gave the Bulldogs a 14-12 advantage that would go on to be the final score.

With the win, the Bulldogs improve to 5-10 on the season and will look to keep their winning ways going against Oliver Ames (7-10) at Canton High.



It was a new experience not being in the student section as I was the PA announcer for the game so there is really only one award to be given out 

PA Announcer of the Game: Me

Move over Vin Scully there is a new voice in town.


Great game. Great win. NNNN

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