The NBA Needs to Start Paying their Players More

With the start of free agency this weekend  the problem has come up (yet again) of players being underpaid. Let’s take a look at some of the true robberies and get these men to sign agent extraordinaire; me.

Joe ingles was just the victim of a robbery at the hands of the Utah Jazz front office. But, Pat he only scored 7 points a game! Doesn’t matter. 4 years and 52 million is chump change; why? Because Ingles is one of Gordon Haywards best friends and friendship is priceless. MY SUGGESTION: Lifetime contract 10 million a year.
Patty Mills what are you doing?! 4 years for 50 million? Midas whale play for free at this point. Did you forget that you come off the bench? Everyone knows that in the NBA it doesn’t matter about star power. It doesn’t matter how good your starters are. What matters is the 7 guys coming off the bench. You averaged 9.5 points a game in the minutes you played and if you had played 36 minutes a night the math says you would have definitely scored 15.6 a game. But who’s to stop there? I say that you could’ve scored 30 a game you just need the chance and that greedy San Antonio front office is robbing you. MY SUGGESTION: 2 years 69 million.
What are you doing Cristiano? You are selling yourself millions short in this deal. Sign me as your agent and we will use my foolproof algorithm on getting the best deal. For every point; you shall receive 2 million annually. For every rebound; you shall receive 3 million annually. And don’t forget ten million for every year played in the league. MY SUGGESTION: Math is for Nerds. 8 years 160 million.
Overpay. MY SUGGESTION: 1 year 7 million

God have mercy on these men as they cope with their money hardships. My DM’s are also open for when they choose to fire their agents.


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