Am I The Only Person On The Face of The Earth Who Hates Coldplay?



Recently, at my second home (WEIGHTROOM, duh) after getting huge and walking back to to my Chevy (…Malibu 2004), I brought up the Coldplay concert to the squad and how I thought it was unbelievable how many people paid money for such a terrible band.

The backlash to my Coldplay hate was simply astounding.

“You don’t like Coldplay; who doesn’t like Coldplay?”

“Nah man, I love Coldplay”

I would give my firstborn child for the chance to get one shared earwax headphone and listen to ‘Viva la Vida'”


Every single one of Coldplay’s songs sounds exactly the same which would be fine; except they are all terrible. They all have that “slow song that wants a beet drop” vibe to them and right when you get to that moment of hope, right as the beat starts to fall…You are annhialated with a devastating wave of crushing disappointment. It’s sad!

Am I the only one?



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