Power Ranking the Stars of the LLWS (so far)

The start of the LLWS is always a bittersweet time for me as it marks the beginning of the end of Summer. However, each and every year the tournament of twelve year olds provides some of the most electric characters in sports all year. So without further ado here’s the Power Ranking of the stars.

5. Leo RandazzoImage-1 copy.png

As a certified meme extraordinaire, I’ll be the first to say this kid has that “it” factor to him. Is he going to be the guy to hit three homers or pitch six shutout innings? Probably not. But by any standards he’s a team-first kid and is always good for a joke to lighten the mood. Every team needs a “meme guy” IMO.

4. Ben Diebler

Image-1 copy 4.png

Shooters Shoot.

(Interesting that the letters of this kid’s byline are crooked…but that is neither here nor there)

3. Cooper HamblinImage-1 copy 3.png

Talk about confidence level on the league-aged 12 year old. Seriously, imagine being 13 years old and getting interviewed by some random adult on your favorite athlete only to immediately respond “Myself”. Cooper Hamblin is going places in life…but not to the top two.

2. Richie “Big Daddy Hacks” Gilboy

Staring right into a nationally televised camera and nonchalantly dropping a “And I take Big Daddy hacks” would seemingly set a person up for obvious ridicule in the future. Many can talk the talk, but Richie Gilboy walked the damn walk by sending the 3-1 pitch directly to the MOON. A player with an awesome slogan and killer production would be #1 nine times out of ten; but not this year.

1. Jeffrey “Boog” Powell

The five 5’2” 220 pound man-child Jeffrey Powell could have gotten onto this list simply on stature alone.Image-1.png

But the nickname “Boog” has got to be up there for most fitting and perfect name for the slugger. I don’t want more Boog in my life; I need it. Not to mention the kid can hit and has some deceptive wheels! t.co/vh09tz9f7I

But what puts Boog at #1? I’ll bet my life savings ($34.27) that Boog is everybody’s favorite teamate. Cup ears; classic.Image-1 copy 2.png

Unfortunately, only Leo’s team (Fairfield, CT) advanced to Williamsport but the other legends of the LLWS will never be forgotten.

P.S- Hot Seat: Summer

Cool Throne: Watching children cry on national television

P.P.S- I hate the high fives that some of the kids give after an opposing team’s homerun with the passion of 1,000 exploding suns. My petty 12 year old self would probably stick my foot out when they went by; let alone congratulate them. #GodIMissThe80’s


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