Late Goal Helps Bulldogs Edge Dartmouth

With the 4th seeded Bulldogs set to take on the 13th seeded Dartmouth Indians on Saturday night, there was a certain feeling that can’t quite be put into words.

The playoffs were here.

Both teams played tough schedules all year so the matchup appeared to be a good one; and the two teams did not disappoint.

The Bulldogs started the game as the offensive aggressor, making nifty through passes and drawing a handful of penalties.

This pressure would ultimately provide the Bulldogs with the first breakthrough of the game courtesy of captain Andrea McNeil (Sr.). Giving the Bulldogs A 1-0 lead after just three minutes of play.

With the early goal, it appeared as though Canton might have had a chance to run away with it. However, the Dartmouth defense regrouped well and was able to keep the bulldog attack scoreless for the remainder of the half.

On the defensive side, the Bulldogs played a strong first half and were able to take a 1-0 lead into the break.

In the second half things got interesting.

This time it was Dartmouth who came out of the gates hot; flying around on defense and putting the pressure on the back line of Canton.

This strong attack culminated in a game tying goal with just over 24 minutes to play.

But after the equalizer, momentum swung yet again; this time in the favor of the Bulldogs.

Canton generated several great chances in the ensuing minutes, including a penalty shot that was turned away by the Dartmouth goaltender. However, with time winding down it looked as overtime would be needed to settle things.

Enter Kaitlyn Goyetch.

With just over 2 minutes to play, the sophomore jumped over a loose ball in front of the Dartmouth net and sent the Canton sideline into a frenzy.

The goal would prove to be the game winner in what was one for the ages down at Memorial Field.

The 2-1 victory advances the Bulldogs to the next round of playoffs as they will host the 12th seeded Barnstable Red Raiders on Monday at 6:30pm.



There is no better (or worse) feeling than watching your team battle it out with time winding down in a playoff game. What a true showing of mental toughness on the part of the lady bulldogs. We truly are all “gritnesses”.

The game was great and that played right into a fantastic outing by the student section. So without further ado let’s get to the awards!

Song of the Game: Johnny Däpp

With all of the German exchange students leaving on Friday afternoon, the stoody felt as though there was only one way to tribute them; by the greatest musical creation of our generation.

DISCLAIMER: I do not understand one word of the song but it is pure HEAT.


Celebrity of the Game: “The Theatre Thug”

It’s always nice to see an actor like Josh Peck take the time out of their busy schedule to watch some high school field hockey. Thanks again!




Family of the Week: The Goyetchs

Not too often a family has one kid win league MVP while the other scores a game-winning playoff goal. I’ll have what they’re having! (Mac & Cheese?)

Dogs win. Stoody Wins. NNNN.

On to Barnstable.






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