Girls Soccer Season Comes to a Close in Holliston

The long-awaited Canton vs. Holliston girls soccer tournament game, supported by a studi composed of 7 total, was one for the books.

Unfortunately, the game began with a Holliston goal just over 8 minutes into the first half. However, the Canton girls did not let this put out their fire.

Several magnificent plays ensued, including a near goal on a
free kick by Riley Duserick (Sr.), several beautiful saves made by junior Briana Murphy (may I add that the girl shooting was indeed a Syracuse commit?), and of course many power plays and through balls made by Canton’s own senior captain Sarah Connolly  (you rarely find a girl with this much talent AND intelligence!)—moving on…

The 1st half ended with the score : Holliston-1, Canton-0

The second half began, and you could see the fury in the Canton girl’s eyes.

There were 2 early shots on goal by  Olivia Rodman (Fr.) and junior captain Sarah Collins but neither were able to find the back of the net.

With the ball being dominantly in Holliston’s half, the sense of teamwork still remained strong. (as a JV girls soccer alumni, I can sense good teamwork when I see it) 

Sadly, there was a small slip in Canton’s defensive efforts, as a Holliston player buried one in the bottom right on a breakaway and with 13 minutes left in the half, Canton was down 2-0.

Then with just 7 minutes remaining in the half the Bulldogs let a lucky 3rd Holliston goal slip by. 

The girls kept their heads held high and fought until the bitter end but ultimately the game ended in a 3-0 Holliston win.


From a studi standpoint: we fired up the team with constant chants and an impressive/frighteningly realistic Bulldog bark by our very own Theresa O’Brien.

A big thank you goes out to our CHS seniors for a great high school career!


EDITORS NOTE: Huge shout out goes out to the 7 students who made the trip out to Holliston for the game and Devyn McGrann for this pristine write-up. Congratulations to girls’ soccer on a great season and the senior’s on leaving a fantastic legacy.



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