Silent Night

I tweeted it last night but I’m sticking to it today.

Last night’s crowd was the biggest I’ve ever seen for a non-playoff game and it did not disappoint.

Much like last year, the Bulldogs got off to a bit of a slow start and honestly who can blame them? You can say you aren’t thinking about the crowd all you want but when you look up and see 100+ eyes staring at you waiting for that tenth point….it’s a different story.

But after the tenth point it was if a monkey had been lifted off the Bulldog’s back. A terrorizing press, lights out three point shooting, and MVP caliber play from senior captain Tony Harris (36 points),  junior captain Devin Foster (26 points), and senior Jake Connolly (2pts, 3 loose ball dive attempts, 4 1/2 elbows) led the Bulldogs to a 86-58 blowout victory; sending the hometown fans happy.

The win boosts the boys to (14-2) as they look to take on Archbishop Williams on Sunday at CHS before heading over to Foxboro on Tuesday night in a game that has massive Davenport title implications.


I haven’t been able to write any blogs about basketball this season as I’m currently working on a season long documentary about the team (to be released at some point after the season) so it’s nice to show them some love for once.

As for the student section it was an awesome showing but I’ll just let some of the costumes do the talking for me:


Its good to be a Bulldog.


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