Throw Up a W; Bulldogs Win the Quinn Tourney

Nothing is ever easy.

And last night’s game for Bulldogs puck showed just that.

After beating rival Medfield 2-0 in the first round of the annual Quinn Tournament hosted at the Raynham Ice Plex, the Bulldogs set their sights on tournament host Coyle Cassidy in the championship game.

It was the Bulldogs who struck first, with a goal off the stick of (Soph.) Timmy Kelleher (who continues to impress as the playoffs approach) within the first minute of the game.

However, Coyle responded with a goal of their own on a nifty breakaway move to tie the game at 1 goal apiece after one.

In the second, the Bulldogs were successful in killing off an early penalty but Coyle did not relent culminating in a go-ahead goal with 9:38 to go in the frame.

Despite the 2-1 deficit, it felt as though the Bulldogs were playing more than well enough to win. But every shot fired by the dogs refused to find the back of the net giving Coyle the one goal advantage heading into the third. Murmurs of an upset began to swirl…

The Bulldogs started the third period with 0:37 left of power play time and they did not let it go to waste with (Jr.) Ryan Nolte notching the equalizer with almost a full period to play.

With both teams battling hard for the deciding goal it seemed as though overtime was imminent.

Enter; The Kid.

With just 54 ticks left on the scoreboard it was Nolte again who jumped on the loose puck in front of the net to send the Dog Pound faithful into a frenzy and securing the 3-2 come from behind victory for the Bulldogs.

The win gives the dogs a much-needed boost as the new season starts after break for the likely #1 or #2 seeded team in the D2 South playoffs. (Date/Time-TBA)


Never. In. Doubt.

Those are really the only three words I can use to describe the game last night.

Was I expecting a blowout? Of course. But who doesn’t love two teams battling it out in the championship game of a tournament? (People who had dogs -3 maybe) but that’s beside the point.

Pretty good turnout for a game in Raynham by the stoody but in all it was more of a “tune-up” for the 7th man.


“Never in Doubt” Moment of the Game: Puke Delay

The start of the third period was delayed about ten minutes to clean up some puke courtesy of Coyle Cassidy. I would be more mean in this section but if I had to score a third goal on Quinn Gibbs; I think I’d yuke too.

Picture of the Game: Dog Pile


which just barely edges out…


Above the waist 😦


Dogs win. Stoody wins. Its time for playoffs.

Lets Go.


Editors Note: I wrote this blog before I saw a tweet that it was “hydraulic fuel” from the Zamboni that had to be cleaned up. I came up with a witty headline and wrote a whole section on the throw-up (that apparently never was); Sad! But I will be keeping the post as is because I find it to be funnier this way.


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