What Happened Tonight Was An Utter Disgrace

I can’t believe there was no Chuck-A-Puck! Simply disgraceful!

Oh, and as for the game? It went kind of like this:






-Sa–(jk) Goal

I think everyone gets the gist of it. (11-0 victory for the dogs if you don’t)

Congratulations to:

  • The 9 different goal scorers tonight

-Owen Lehane

-Johnny Hagan

-Ryan Nolte (2x)

-Bubba McNeice

-Joe Robinson

-Timmy Kelleher

-Chris Lavoie

-Jack Goyetch

-Kevin Murphy

-Brian Ghostlaw

  • Quinn Gibbs and Niko Donovan

-On spectacular performances! (1 & 2 saves respectively)

  • The entire team for knowing the situation they were in.

The topic of “running up the score” always comes up in games like this and everyone wants to say what they think…including me so here goes:

I rarely lose.

I know its hard to believe but I was honestly just a naturally born winner!

But Pat! Didn’t you lose in basketball by 97 points your freshman year?


Truth be told I’ve been on the losing side of a game like tonight’s and to put it lightly the feeling during and especially after the game sucks. But on the same token as an athlete there is only one thing I found more frustrating than being blown out and that was being toyed around with by a team clearly superior than mine.

The bottom line is that it’s playoff hockey and I think all the feelings get put aside. It’s too bad it wasn’t a competitive game but thats just how the cookie crumbles sometimes.

And one thing I never sympathize with no matter the score is cheap shots. As soon as I see that I have no more respect for your team. So, for all the players on Canton to keep their cool in a game that looked like it was getting ugly speaks volumes to the leadership of the seniors and coaches on the team. Because it is so easy to let your anger get the best of you and spend the next playoff game on the sideline. Kudos.


Just one award tonight.

Line of the Game: “SB has no Fortnite wins!”

I really don’t think they do! But they’ll have plenty of time to hone their skills I guess…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Round 2 this Saturday.

Lets Go.




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