Are the ‘EYNESTEINS’ the Greatest Trivia Team Ever Assembled?

Approximately around 12:30pm (eastern time) today I received a text asking if I wanted to play trivia at 7pm in the honors college.

Was there even a need to ask?

After consuming a decadent pre-game meal of pizza, raspberry soft serve, and salad (not to brag) it was time to put our heads together and make something magic happen. Did I think we were going to win? Ab-so-lute-ly.


IMPORTANT SIDENOTE:IMG_0866.PNGThis picture has been floating around and generating some buzz to the point where it has to be addressed. You ever seen a picture of the world’s tallest man next to the smallest? Well, imagine being the smallest man but it looks like you put on the freshman 45 in the first two weeks of school. Not a good look. Not. At. All.


But anyways.

We show up to trivia night and instantly it is clear something just doesn’t feel quite right. I looked around the room and was shocked, not only was I not the smartest guy in the room- I was the dumbest. My “friend” had forgot to mention that this was an honors college only event.

Because I respected what they were trying to do we left right away.

(Borat voice) PAUSE NOT!

I had come here to play aggressive trivia and I was going to do just that.

We picked up a newfound friend in Gabe (who instantly became the smartest player on the team) and were ready to roll.

Oh and as far as the Trivia? Well lets just say we came in a little something called, oh I don’t wanna brag… 1st PLACE!*

Did the other teams like us? No. But I would say that was more intimidation than anything else. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to go up against our team of intellectual fire power.

Just an all around team win. Roll EYNESTEINS baby!


*- after round 1

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