Post Sunday Brain Dump

Another glorious NFL Sunday in the books.

Coming off of an incredible season opener I wasn’t too sure how this week would stack up- but it did not disappoint. I stuck to my word and did zero academic work leaving me with an all-time case of the Sunday Scaries. I would even go as far as to say I had the worst day of anyone in America (besides maybe Zane Gonzalez) but enough about me lets get right into it:


4th down and 5. Conventional wisdom says you try to pick up the first down and go from there but not the 2018 Browns! Tyrod throws up the prayer and by the grace of Jim Brown it finds itself into the breadbasket of Antonio Callaway. To the chagrin of Saints fans (and Knockout Pool professionals) the pride of Cleveland was going to pull off their first win since 2016!

(Lee Corso voice) NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!

Cleveland proceeds to MISS the ensuing PAT attempt.

Drew Brees and Co. strut down the field to kick a field goal of their own and it was all but over.

(Lee Corso voice) NOT SO FAST MY FRIEND!

But wait! The Browns did something competent? They got the ball into field goal range yet again! This game is going to OT!

I hate scapegoating one guy for a loss and really wanna give Gonzalez the benefit of the doubt here (after all 52 yards is definitely no chip shot)… but c’mon man. 4 missed kicks (2 coming on PATs)? 4? Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

In other 1pm news:

-I’m ready to call Patrick Mahomes a decent quarterback after tossing 6 touchdowns (NFL record 10 in first 2 games) over the Steelers

-Vontae Davis retired at halftime and I’m very upset with people clowning on a very serviceable Madden cornerback!

-I’m officially #done with ties.

-Ryan Fitzpatrick looks good but I will never forget how bad he was with the Bills back in the day. He could go out the next 10 weeks and throw for 5,000 yards and I would still be expecting a 4 interception game every time he took the field.


No further comment.

In other 4pm news:

-Derek Carr threw 3 incompletions (29/32) but the Raiders lost by one to the Broncos. Granted I am not a paid professional (yet) and did not watch a minute of the game- but that seems very hard to do. Furthermore, I am sticking by my statement that the Raiders should not have traded away Khalil Mack but am reserving the right to change my mind at any time with no backlash.


The Cowboys being on national television vs. the Giants used to be must watch TV with serious NFC East implications. Now? You get to watch L-li (ha! get it? L-li) Manning battle it out with Dak “One Year Wonder” Prescott. Did I watch this game? No*.

*- my decision to not watch Sunday Night Football was in no way impacted by the Patriots loss regardless of what the losers and haters (of which their are many) are saying.

That’s about all I have to say. Have a great week.





P.S- UMass football lost 63-24 to FIU.




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