Minutemen Steamroll 49ers

Im not the type of guy to say I toad a so but- I toad a so.

Did anyone honestly think UMass wasn’t going to roll yesterday? I woke up to the sound of our acclaimed marching band playing full volume at 9am and immediately knew it was over. I hadn’t experienced such a rush of adrenaline since I snuck two entrees out of grab and go for only one meal plan swipe; score!

But anyways as far as the game went:

Complete utter domination in every facet of the game. Opening kick return for touchdown? Sure! Rushing touchdowns? Yup! Passing touchdown? We’ll take two!

And I think the defense played pretty well too. Is holding a team to just 4 yards after the first quarter and 90 at the half good? (Asking for a friend please feel free to respond)

As far as individual performances go offensively, it was all about the three headed monster of QB Michael Curtis (2 TD’s passing 2 TDs rushing), RB Marquis Young (2 TDs rushing 1 kick return TD), and Andy Isabella leading the receiving core (6 catches for 85 yards and a TD). LB Bryson Barr led the defensive effort with a whopping 21 total tackles (four of them for a loss) and DL Jake Byczko notched a team high two sacks.

The win boosts the Minutemen to 2-3 on the season and not to get ahead of myself but I see this team winning out.  9-3 as an Independent should be good for a major bowl appearance if not a name in the conversation of the College Football Playoff. Side Note: Don’t even try telling me “But UMass plays Georgia the #2 team in the country! You don’t actually think they’ll win do you?” 

Spoiler alert; I do.

Everyone knows there is only one real Bulldogs (shoutout 02021). All the rest? Posers.

Have a Sunday folks. Music!



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