God I Miss the 80s

Imagine this. Your eyes awaken from a full night’s slumber and your mind is set on the most important game you have ever had in your life to this point. What do you do? If you’re anything like me you roll out of bed, crank out 4 or 5 pushups (lets not get crazy), 1 sit-up (by throwing your arms forward), and 25 minutes of calf raises (its all about the calves fellas). After this? The mind and body are at their peak level of performance.

After the rigorous workout set, you head over to the dining hall and carb up. I’m talking three bowls of pasta, thirteen spring rolls, and two loaves of bread carb up- ideally before 9am. You head to class but keep your mind focused on what is really important. This game is about legacy. It is about honor. It is about sportsma- team choreographed celebrations!

But then the text comes inIMG_0933.JPG


But Pat won’t playing on a flooded surface damage the fields? 

Of course it will. But team ‘No Names No Numbers’ will play on any surface, any time, any place (so long as it doesn’t conflict with anything or if we don’t feel the desire to play on any certain occasion).

This would never happen in the 80s. Never.

The first game of our lives has been put on hold but our thirst for victory has not been quenched. We will not stop ’till we get to the top. We won’t quit ’till we lit. We won’t retire until a championship transpires. My advice? Get on the bandwagon of what many are calling “The Flag Football Team of the Millennium” before its too late.

Lets go.