Post Sunday Brain Dump

Another Sunday in the books and October is officially here. Football, and playoff baseball, and hockey? Oh my! And best of all; crewneck sweatshirt season. Nothing better than a crisp fall day where you don’t need a winter jacket quite yet but you definitely don’t want to be rocking shorts and a t-shirt. The answer? Crewneck sweatshirt. Don’t want to be bogged down by the excess weight of a hood? Crewneck sweatshirt. Don’t want to acknowledge the fact that UMass lost 58-42 this week? Crewneck sweatshirt.

But anyway:


This throw is the perfect representation of the Patriots doing what the Patriots do best; stripping teams of their will to play the game of football. Imagine being a Dolphins fan and a play like this happens against you. I picture the thought process something along the lines of:

C’mon get through here…Yes!.. GET HIM!… PICK IT!…***inaudible cursing***

Not bad for a 2-2 team. I’ll go as far as to say the Patriots might even make the playoffs.

I stand with Frank Reich here. Your team is 1-2, you got the ball near midfield with 25 seconds to go, Andrew Luck has already thrown for 400+ yards. Roll the dice. Obviously it looks like a horrific decision now considering the Texans got one completion to set up an easy field goal for the win but that is the price you pay for aggressive moves. A wise man once said you play to win the game*. Thank God the Patriots have never had a questionable 4th down play on their own side of the field blow up in their face while playing in Indy. Phew!

*- I do not remember anything being said about ties.


Alba Berlin v Dallas Mavericks - NBA Europe Tour

I bet it was Stern who told Todd Haley to only give Nick Chubb 3 carries too!  (2 TDs, 105 yards)


This one was hard to watch. I am sickened there was no penalty on this play. I know that the NFL game is played at high speeds but what did the refs not see on this one? I will be writing a formal letter to Roger Goodell (or should I say BAD-dell; ha!) to levy my complaint. Protect our kids Roger.

Lets have ourselves a week.



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