Post Sunday Brain Dump

Crazy that week 5 is almost in the books already. Remember when the owners wanted to extend the regular season to 18 games? I’m a players first guy but looking back on it, I would kill for two more weeks of NFL football a year.



Knockout pools across the country held their breath as Riverboat Ron Rivera sent out Graham Cracker Gano for a game winning 63 yard field goal. He nailed it. On a day where kickers struggled mightily (thoughts and prayers to Mason Crosby), Gano might have saved the world from a full on Skip Bayless revolution against the position. For that; I thank him.

But the most intriguing aspect of this game might not have been on the field at all:

If you have a 1 minute and 26 seconds of spare time today watch this snippet of the OBJ interview and you’ll understand why his name is all over Twitter. It was the perfect storm of a terrible interview:

Calling out team? Check! Not so subtly saying that you are fed up with your quarterback play? Check! Not accepting any personal responsibility? Check!

Wait what did his coach think? 

Shurmur’s response to Odell question is (2:50-3:42). Was he mad about the situation? I don’t know because it is really hard to tell from that response. If I had to guess it seems as though he was a little displeased with his star player and supposed leader of the team throwing everyone else under the bus on a nationally televised interview*.


Another week and yet another gutsy call at the end of the game. It is honestly astounding why every team doesn’t QB sneak on 4th and short situations. Barring a botched snap, all the QB has to do is fall forward. Sometimes the simplest call truly is the smartest.

Thielen 10 7 116 68 1
Diggs 11 10 91 25 0

The Vikings duo of Thielen and Diggs continues to terrorize opposing defenses. I was skeptical of Thielen for the longest time because for some reason I just didn’t see him as athletic as his WR counterpart. He seemed to be more of a gritty, deceivingly quick, “coach’s son” type of player. But five straight weeks of 100+ yards is certainly pretty damn good. Only one ball in Minnesota but so far I’d say the wealth has been shared pretty pretty pretty good.


What a play by Hopkins (I’ll ignore the fact he likes to ignore contact). But the best thing about this game was the refs introduced a wild new concept of “letting the boys play”. Both teams were mauling each other all game with both quarterbacks taking their fair share of licks. In the new NFL where you supposedly can’t hit a quarterback low, high, or put weight on their torso it was nice to see some old school physicality for a change. Somewhere Clay Matthews silently weeps.

Sox Yankees in the ALDS, Pats vs the undefeated Chiefs next Monday night, and team ‘No Names No Numbers’ highly anticipated intramural opener on Thursday?

Gonna be a hell of a week. Lets get after it.


*- Unrelated but did Lil Wayne orchestrate this entire saga? Wouldn’t it be nice if a star NFL player made controversial remarks in an interview with you that releases just over a week after you drop your first album in years. Makes you think…

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