Friday Complaint

By: Tommy DeLello

Welcome to the new and improved WordPress page, now called With the new and improved site comes new and improved writers, sorry Pat! As a new writer I will also be introducing my new segment: The Friday Complaint.

I believe the title is pretty self-explanatory, all I’m doing here is what I do best; complain. Since my life is so terrible, I figured what could be better than airing all my grievances on the greatest blog in the history of blogs. Now to the complaint.

So now I don’t want to brag here, but I have great manners. I always say please and thank you, I always hold the door open (at appropriate distances), and what I’m most proud of is my elevator etiquette. Elevator etiquette is quite simple, before you enter an elevator you make sure that people have space to exit the elevator first. A simple rule that society abides by, if we compromise our ability to politely enter and exit an elevator we are no better than cavemen!

Tommy why do elevators trigger you so much?

Tommy are you ok?

Tommy did something happen?

Why thanks for asking guys because honestly something did happen. Yesterday I was in the elevator going down to the lobby in Oak Hall (yes it’s in the honors college I know I’m cool) and as I tried to exit the elevator, to get to class 10 minutes beforehand like the nerd I am, I was bumped by a girl, forcing me to spill some water on the ground. Some of you may find my misfortunes funny but I don’t. First, a wet floor is nothing to joke about, safety first always. Second, there was no apology from the young lady involved after she just broke the cardinal rule of elevators.

But Tommy you live in the honors college I thought everyone was respectful?

I thought that too, but I guess not. Sad! It’s a tough world out there for a kid just trying to find his way, I miss the good ole days when people had manners. God I miss the 80s.

P.S. I saw the girl later that day and I didn’t even give the cool kid nod I give to every chick in college so jokes on her.



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