Friday Complaint

By: Tommy Delello

Welcome back to my column to all the loyal readers and happy good mood Friday!

Now time for some negativity:

I wanted to write this blog about the cesspool formerly known as college considering I am currently sick (still blogging through it, credit to me) and I feel like everyone on this campus is too. However, after the Red Sox clinched the World Series last night I found something much greater to complain about.

As a die-hard Boston sports fan one would assume I am content with the current greatness that is present in our city, newsflash I’m not. I saw a troubling statistic last night, the city of Boston’s last championship came in 2017!!!! I was outraged by this, all these long and grueling playoff series and somehow we haven’t won since the historic 28-3 comeback in the Superbowl.

But Tommy Boston has 10 championships since 2000

Tommy your teams always contend

But Tommy I am Yankee fan

My condolences to Yankees fans… SIKE! You guys suck. Anyway, that’s not enough for me- I want perfection. I want constant winning. I want the Boston slam (all four teams winning championships). This drought feels like curse of the Babe all over again, like the goddamn Cubs, or like Cleveland before LeBron. Please just pray for Boston fans we need it.




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