Post Sunday Brain Dump

After falling to 1-6 on UMass football predictions this weekend there was no better feeling than to sit down, consume a pound and a half of bacon mac and cheese, cry for 15 minutes about regrettable life decisions, and watch 8 straight hours of football.


Lets check in on the AFC East:

IMG_1087IMG_1088Remember when Sam Darnold was the Jets savior after week one?

This Game 17 42 206 40.5 4.91 35 1 3 34.4


Remember when the Dolphins were 3-0?


Incompetence is not good.

Remember when people thought the Bills were going to be good?


Alright lets not get crazy

Bottomline: It’s good to be a Pats fan


The only game on TV was the Redskins taking on the Cowboys. In all seriousness, how do people enjoy watching the Cowboys? I would compare their offense to watching paint dry but that’s offensive to the paint. Despite the incompetence on the offensive side of the ball for “America’s team” (does anybody still think that?) they still had a chance to pull out a division win against the Skins late in the fourth. Then this play happened:

I will never waste my time on a Cowboys game again until next Sunday.

Sidenote– Is alternating a Moneyline bet on the Redskins every week the most efficient way to pay off student loans? The numbers speak for themselves:


Mahomes’ ridiculous season continues with another subtle 4 TDs and 300+ yards through the air performance. Is it too early to start the “Did the Bears make a mistake in giving up the keys to the franchise to draft a guy who can’t throw the ball more than ten yards downfield instead of Mahomes” debate? Probably; but it’s not far off. The Chiefs all-time single season touchdown record is 30 (kind of embarrassing) and Mahomes has 22 in 7 games. Wild.

Halloweekend on the Horizon. Sox in the World Series. Lets have ourselves a week.


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