UMass Destroys Inferior UConn Team

What a day to be a Minuteman.

While the score might’ve only been 22-17, the Minutemen dominated UConn in almost every statistical category including total yards (444-265), time of possession (31:56-28:04), and 1st downs (20-11). The only major stat UConn edged us in was rushing yards (250-247) which is not that bad considering the passing game numbers:




Shoutout Ross Comis



Not a typo. 15 yards through the air. Despite UConn only throwing the ball 6 times, 15 yards is an outrageously low number for any FBS program. What a terrible terrible day to be a Husky and a fantastic one to be a Minuteman. The win puts the Amherst boys at (3-6) on the season and keeps their bowl hopes alive with their last three games coming against Liberty (easy win), BYU (win), and Georgia (easy win).

Don’t let the boys get hot.