The Greatest Championship Team of Our Generation

With a perfect season of 2-0, team ‘NNNN’ is claiming at least a share of the intramural flag football championship of the world for the fall 2018 season. But Pat why can’t you guys just dominate the playoffs like you were going to do? Great question. Unfortunately, there was a mandatory meeting at 6pm on a Friday that slipped our minds. As the team captain I take full responsibility for it and am definitely not currently curled up into the fetal position crying myself into submission for letting my teammates down.

It just couldn’t be me.

Thankfully this text put things into perspective:


Were we the most talented group of guys? No. Were we the smartest of men? Absolutely not. But did we play the game of flag football the way in which it was meant to be played? Kind of because I doubt the creators of the game saw a full blown form tackle coming from ‘The Brow’. That play will go down as one of the greatest momentum changing moments in sports history.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the flame that burns twice as bright only burns for half as long. It was a magical season to say the least and while I always thought we would go undefeated it feels great to have had our dream achieved.

Now try not to cry:


Oh, and shoutout to a pretty good season by the World Series Champion Red Sox too.


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