Fortnite Teaming Up With the NFL is a Genius Move That Just Doesn’t Feel Right

Don’t get me wrong, from a business standpoint I LOVE this move by the NFL. Can you possibly think of a better way to gain millions of dollars off increased viewership from strictly Fortnite fans tuning in to their games and billions off of kids stealing their parents credit cards to buy the skins? The people who came up with the idea deserve a 50% raise.

With that being said something doesn’t feel right about these two teaming up. I’ve had my fun with Fortnite and I love the NFL but they truly shouldn’t mix. They are too different in my eyes. Fortnite is a game where you get sweaty over a keyboard while watching the NFL gets you sweaty watching Andy Reid manage a clock in the fourth quarter. Ok that was a similarity. I meant to say that people who play Fortnite fanboy out over the game and think all other games are trash while people who watch the NFL fanboy out over their favorite team and think all others are trash. That didn’t work either. What I really meant to say is that people who play Fortnite care too much about something that doesn’t really matter while people who watch the NFL…

I take back my headline this was strictly a genius move.