UMass Beats PC and Should be the #1 Team in the Nation (anyone who disagrees doesn’t know hockey)

What a game. What an atmosphere. What a performance by the Minutemen.

Playing against the number four team in the country just a few years removed from being National Champions is no small task but the Amherst boys came ready to play.

The first period was all UMass. A power play just before the two-minute mark gave them a chance to take an early lead and they would do just that with Marc Del Gaizo slamming one home on the doorstep.

Then, halfway through the first, a nice little chip up the boards found its’ way onto the stick of John Leonard and he knew what to do with it. Racing down the left side and finishing with an absolutely demoralizing five hole goal. Neither team could find the back of the net thereafter and the Minutemen took a 2 goal advantage into the break.

In the second the Friars came on strong. But good play from the UMass defense and a stellar performance from Sophomore goaltender Matt Murray helped limit the Friars to just one goal. Not ideal, but a 2-1 lead heading into the third against a premier team who came out hungry to tie the game is about as good as one can hope.

The Friars would eventually tie it up in the third after taking advantage of a too many men penalty. Many teams would fold like a cheap tent after losing a 2-0 lead. But the Minutemen? Not. A. Chance. With time winding down in the third, the UMass forwards were able to get a nice screen in front and Ty Farmer slipped the game winner through.

The Minutemen improve to 7-1 on the season and will look to keep the winning ways going with a rematch against the Friars in Providence on Saturday.


What a day to be a Minuteman.

Needless to say this was a huge game. Obviously when you’re playing the #4 team in the country while being ranked 9th, you’re going to draw the eyes of college hockey fans around the nation. But more importantly, this game was huge for UMass in establishing a good fan base going forward. There was a lot of promotion for the game and it paid off with the largest attendance at the Mullins Center since 2013 (6,357).  It’s a simple fact that people (especially the casual fan) like to watch teams that win. For the Minutemen to pull out a hard-fought victory at home in front of a rowdy crowd was absolutely huge for the program as a whole.

UMass now has wins over:

-Ohio State on the road (who were ranked number one in the country at the time)

-Providence (ranked number 4 in the country)

-Royal Military College of Canada (Exhibition? Yes. But a hockey juggernaut none the less.)

Anyone who knows anything about hockey knows this team deserves to be ranked in the top five and in my humble and completely unbiased opinion; the #1 team in the country.

This is the current top three:

1 Minnesota Duluth (44) 6-1-1 991 1
2 St. Cloud State (4) 7-1-0 937 2
3 Minnesota State (2) 7-1-0 876 4

Trust me I feel bad for the people in Minnesota having literally nothing to do other than play hockey (and herd cattle?) but give me a break.

Anyways, what a win….



P.S- Called it

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