Georgia; We’re Coming for Ya


It is finally here folks.

The Granddaddy of them all.

Minutemen vs. Bulldogs- for all the marbles.

Don’t be intimidated by the naysayers who say things like “UMass is going to get smoked!” or “You’ll be lucky to cover!” (whoever put the Amherst boys as 44 point underdogs should be fired and exiled from ever setting a line again).

Have any of these people ever seen Rocky? Don’t they know that the underdog always wins?* I honestly can’t imagine a situation where UMass doesn’t come out on top this Saturday. With that being said, don’t think for a minute I didn’t take the opportunity to train this week. I dare any  person to watch this video and tell me you aren’t taking the scrappy gym rats from UMass this week:

The Pick:

UMass by 6 in quadruple OT.

Go U.


*- With the exception of a movie or two (or 3 if you count “Creed”)

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