Dining Hall Power Ranking

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Love the folks over with The Militia but these power rankings are straight looney tunes. Here is the non-debatable lowdown on what the 3 time defending champs of dining (people forget) have to offer:

#4- Worcester

Have I ever actually been to Worcester? No. But any dining establishment that makes you run a half-marathon to eat there is no favorite of mine. Worcester is the middle child of dining halls. Not terrible but still probably the worst.

#3- Hamp

Don’t get me wrong there are definitely some positives to Hamp. Shorter wait times than Berk along with breakfast grab n’ go is nothing to shake a stick at (but who actually gets up before 11?). The problem is that it really is the little brother of Berk and this may just be me but I like serving my own food. If I want to have fourteen spring rolls and a whole tray of fries? Then that’s the way it should be.

#2- Berk

Now here’s where it gets close. Berk is no doubt the king of Southwest and for good reason. Good food, good people, and best of all 2 minutes from where I live. However, the wait times at night are absolutely egregious and while I will definitely execute the ‘ole “hover around someone who looks like their close to being done eating to pressure them to leave so you can steal their table” technique- it is not my favorite activity. Berk is a solid option; but not the best.

#1- Frank

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Aside from being named after one of the greatest actors in comedic television history (I think?) Frank is the perfect storm of what a dining hall should be. The standout part of Frank is obviously the hot and ready grilled cheese station but also the rotating menu always seems to have more intriguing options than Berk. It’s a little far away from Southwest but going there can count as an excuse not to work out for three weeks (fact). And if you factor in hard ice cream (soft serve is good not great) with a non-existent wait time at any part of the day? Then I think the choice is clear whose #1.


Note: I go to Berk the most because I’m lazy.


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