You Can’t Be Cool Without Your Own Podcast

It’s a banner day for NNNN.

And I know what everyone’s thinking.

“We already put up with your dumb ass tweets… now we got to listen to what you have to say?”

Let it be known that the first few (maybe generous use of the word “few”) are probably not going to be among the likes of industry titans like PMT, NPR, or The Joe Rogan podcast. It’s definitely a learning experience working with all the new equipment at WMUA (spent the first hour in the studio just trying to find the Adobe app) and finding your voice but I couldn’t be more excited about the opportunity.

I’m hoping to settle into somewhat of a routine down the road but for now I just want to get in anytime I can with 2nd semester starting up (DM if you are proficient in Linguistics).

Anyways, without further adieu, here is episode one of the No Names No Numbers Podcast talking Tom Brady slander, AFC/NFC championship, and my latest endeavour as an internet troll. It’s a whopping 10 minutes long but I’d appreciate any listen and feedback (so long as it doesn’t hurt my feelings).

Thank you in advance to anyone who listens and Go U.

P.S- It will likely never just be me again so enjoy me doing my best Mike Francesca





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