We Have Our First Hater


“You ain’t popping if you don’t got haters” -Abraham Lincoln

Picture the scene:

Whilst frolicking about campus with a big ole grin on my face and not a care in the world,  I received a rather peculiar message on my apple device (don’t worry about which one it’s irrelevant to the story)*.

I know the Beantown Buzz and I would say we have a pretty friendly rivalry but this mystical “Beyond the Buzz”- never heard of them.


So I decided to put my investigative journalism training to the test.

Was this a friend? Was this a foe? Was their name Larry? Curly?

Or possibly Moe?

Beyond the Buzz.jpg

I’ve never been good with sarcasm; but something didn’t feel right.

Should I be embarrassed?

Should I be sad?

Should I drain my sorrows in… Bud Light Sprite?

My mind was in a frenzy.

How could I cope with all this hate?

Should I curl up into a ball?

Watch TV?

Or Mastur- Go to Church?

All hope seemed lost.

I was turning into a wreck.

“But wait!”  yelled my brain.

There was one more thing to check:


My anger turned to sadness.

What a poor miserable lad.

Have they nothing in their life then to try and make others feel bad?

The story ends here and I hope you enjoyed.

I’m not angry, sad, embarrassed, or blue.

Because at the end of the day?

And no one cares about you 🤷


*- iPhone 8









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