Jamal Adams Should Be Arrested For Assault




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Pro athletes messing with mascots is a tradition as old as time and a damn good one at that. Usually they’ll run over and give a little bear hug or maybe even lightly place the criminally underpaid folk who must earn their living through enduring a life of muteness in a sweaty suit (*takes breath*) on the ground. It’s good clean lighthearted fun.

But this right here? Clear cut case of assault.

You can actually pinpoint the moment Pat Patriot thought to himself “I should have stayed in school”


I must admit, if you are going to assault a mascot- this is the near perfect form. Could’ve dropped the hips and broken down a little more before getting there but that’s just semantics.

The NFL has been known for its swift execution of discipline against players who have done wrong in the past so I would be left with no other choice than to believe this is the end of the line for the lone bright spot on the Jets.

You hate to see it.