Eyensteines Take Trivia Night (Pt. 2)

(Video Recap For Those Too Lazy To Read)

Picture the scene:

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning on the flagship campus of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Birds are chirping! Majestic butterflies prance through the air! You have just woken up from a long night’s slumber with peace and prosperity!

Then you remember it’s trivia night.

Again, I ask you to close your eyes and think of the greatest spectacles you have ever set your eyes on. Maybe that’s the opening kickoff of the Super Bowl when everyone just has to take a picture at the exact same time. Maybe it’s a group making the Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca. Or maybe it’s even DMX performing for an entire continent at once.

Now forget all of that. Because when we went walking into trivia night with “Many Men” blasting from our 90s style boombox this is what it looked like:


Now some may say “Welp, shucks! Guess we’ll come back next time and give it another whirl!” 

But us? We were there to win the game. *God’s Plan starts playing*

Luckily two more teams showed up so we would have the chance to dish out a beatdown that only a group of true intellectual powerhouses like this could give:


Quick Rundown of the actual game of trivia:

-We were 100% accurate on Sports trivia (guys being dudes)

We struggled on every other question which is why we came in las- 

-My phone’s WiFi shorted out midway through the game causing us to miss a couple crucial questions and ultimately come in last place.

-We were offered prizes at the end but stuck by our #GodIMissThe80s mindset and scoffed at the everybody gets a trophy generation (although the free pizza for all teams was rather enjoyable).

We will not be defeated. We will be back. Have a day.



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