Rudy Gobert Cries Over All-Star Game Snub Like 12 Year Old Little Leaguer

It is the Friday before the Super Bowl and I should be pumped considering I’m a Pats fan. Yet again, we (yes, I said we when referring to the New England Patriots it’s a group effort guys) are on the biggest stage in American sports. However, I haven’t been able to enjoy it as much as I should have because the goddamn NBA doesn’t know its role. News flash for the NBA, the NFL is king and it is every sports fan’s priority until Monday.

That is just a fact.

Anyway, I was so locked into my preparation of the Super Bowl that I didn’t let any of these trades or trade rumors of the NBA get to me, but then comes Rudy Gobert’s soft ass to center stage: 

I mean come on…CRYING OVER THE ALL-STAR GAME?! This is what the pussifacation of America* looks like. Boo freakin’ hoo Rudy you weren’t selected to a meaningless game in the middle of your season that no one will watch. And even if they do? No one will remember! Picture this; a 7 foot, 245 lbs, 26 year-old behemoth of a man starts crying over a dumb exhibition game. I just can’t understand this at all, grow up dude sometimes you don’t get everything you think you deserve. Did it ever occur to you to maybe just turn this disappointment into a playoff push, stop crying, and start playing? Because at the end of it all, no one cares about all star games- only championships.

As a wise man once said: “You think I play this shit to go to Pro Bowls?”

Gobert could learn a thing or two from the GOAT himself. Toughen up and maybe you’d be doing better than the #7 seed in the West.

*I know Gobert is French but he plays in America so the line still works.



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