Are Paper Straws A Bigger Issue Than Global Warming?

Who Would Win?.JPG

Recently there has been a change at school that is attempting to take away a hallmark invention of our fine society. A creation that when once used by its consumer; will never be able to see the world the same way; the plastic straw.

Well the war on the plastic straw has commenced.

And I won’t stand for it! (or sit)

The replacement for the plastic straw is the paper straw and let me say this; I love paper. I like notebook paper, I like printer paper, hell I even like a manilla envelope if we want to get technical! And don’t get things twisted, paper itself is a solid invention (just cut down all the trees…duh). The problem for me is paper has a bit of a kryptonite in the form of a little something called liquid.

Paper is great for writing on! Paper is great for ripping up failed exams! But I would never think to grab myself a slice (the real paper stans know the slang) and roll it up so I could drink my Venti iced black coffee with no room for milk and two raw sugar packets- in peace!

But Pat what about the environment? Global Warming? You know that thing that’s been scientifically shown to be a real issue again and again- ever heard of it?

Idk man…it was pretty cold out today.


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