NNNN is on Spotify

Warning: The following blog is filled with more sap than a giant sequoia  from the Pacific Northwest (shoutout Geography 220)

Despite the countless tweets making fun of them, it’s been a dream of mine to have my own podcast since as soon as I started listening to them back in middle school.

I had always assumed it was one of those things where people just show up at a studio one day and start talking in front of a microphone and that was all there was to it.

Don’t get me wrong; you can definitely do that. Only problem with that is in my humblest of opinions- it’s probably going to suck. This was made abundantly clear by my first attempt at cooking up some audio in the lab back in the first week of second semester.

I absolutely cringed listening back to episode one (and still do whenever I think about it). It’s no secret that I admire a lot of people in not only sports media but media in general (Pardon My Take, Joe Rogan, countless comedians, etc.). But as a result of that, it’s extremely hard not to compare yourself to the people at the top of the field right now and even harder to not sound like a knockoff version of other people’s show.

With that being said, I think the show has vastly improved since day one with the help of Tom, our guests, and lots of people behind the scenes who have helped out a ton with teaching me about the actual producing of a podcast. I’m happy with the progress made but also see so many opportunities for growth in the future (consistent guests being a main priority).

Ok Pat- get to the goddamn point.

Now that I feel as though the podcast has established itself as more than just a weekly screw around session (although I do like screwing around) I’m excited to say that the ‘NNNN’ podcast is now available for streaming on Spotify. I realize that not everyone has the app (and am hoping to get it on iTunes soon enough) but I would greatly appreciate if you could spare a follow and maybe click a couple several 10-15 times upon the release of every new episode.

I joke about our “thousands” of listeners almost every week but the honest truth is that there has been steady improvement from each episode to the next. I want to thank everyone who has been listening, liking, commenting, sharing, and everything in between because it helps a ton.

And for the haters? (of which there are many)

We’re not leaving.




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