Yale University Offers Full Video Courses For Free Online


It’s no secret that I find the price of college nowadays to be completely absurd (hot take- I know) but up to this point I have only been able to criticize, complain, and condemn the system. As fun as it is to do so- it doesn’t help anybody.

So I started doing some digging about opportunities available online and I stumbled upon one university that is absolutely doing it right; Yale (sorry Harvard nerds).


Yale has started a program that offers (as far as I can tell) 40 university classes for free. I  think there is something special about learning in a classroom face to face but as far as the internet goes; this is as good as it gets.

I talked about dropping Geology the other day but I didn’t mention I’ve picked up PSYC 110:

For free.

I know I’m a nerd (who takes a class in their free time?) but if you’re ever bored and want to check out a course that interests you without the pressure of grades or classmate ridicule- I’d recommend checking it out.


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