Honestly Just Click the Link So I Don’t Starve to Death

By: Jake Sockett Twitter: @SockettJake Instagram: @jake.sockett

I honestly think that it’s important to know which celebrities you look like so that if you’re ever in a place where you need a quick disguise or a friend to save you from a weird situation by running up to you and yelling “oh my god! It’s you! XYZ!”

It’s a handy solution to a lot of potential issues.

When reflecting upon this thought, I came up with a list of six celebrities I think I could pass for in a situation where I’m left with no other options. 

The Definitive List of My Celebrity Lookalikes:

  1. Ellen DeGeneres


2) Chord Overstreet

jake 1.png


3) A Young Vladimir Putin



4) That kid from the Polar Express



5) Otis from Back at the Barnyard



6) Travis Scott (I know what you’re thinking just bear with me)



Now obviously not every one of these celebrities are my doppelganger but I do think that I could pass for them in a SNAFU.

Who’s to say I’m not any of them though? I haven’t been seen in the same room as any of these people*. 

Stay frosty.


Editor’s Note:

*- Image result for shaq real shit



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