Things you can still look forward to This fall

Nicole Bates keeps our spirits up as we dive headfirst into the fantastic fall

By Nicole Bates

Instagram- @nicolebates_

Currently many of us are stuck at home, wearing masks, working/learning remotely, and it will be our reality for the unforeseen future. Following my first two weeks of Zoom classes, I am starting to feel a little weary after coming to the realization that this is how it’s going to be for a while. But even though sometimes I feel really stuck in my bedroom and my small radius of movement, life has also been transforming in a way as I spend more time in this space. I am definitely looking forward to the fall with the hope that the physical change of scenery will spice things up a little as I continuously try to wrap my head around what is going on.

So that’s where I’m at and that’s why I decided to make a list of things we can all look forward to heading into an unusual fall. 

  1. The leaves on the trees will transform into the mystical ombré of red, orange and yellow, while some leaves fall to the ground and you can crunch them as you walk by. As the scenery of your daily walk changes, these old New England trees you are so used to seeing full and green this summer may have a new story to tell. 
  2. It’s apple season! The apples you eat will get crunchier, juicier and fresher, because all the local apple orchards will be open and ready to sell you their fruits of all flavors and colors. You might be a golden delicious gal or perhaps gala is your favorite. I personally love the Granny Smith. But nevertheless- apples are coming. 
  3. Fall is the best season to spend all your time drowning in your biggest, coziest knit sweater. And this goes for everyone. Sweatshirt*, sweater, or whatever you like- the fall is the time to slip into clothes you can completely engulf yourself in. In a time where hugs are scarce, I think the perfect sweater is the sweater that most closely resembles the warmth of a hug. 
  4. We are also surrounded by pumpkins in the fall, and though I don’t normally love orange, something about the pumpkin shade of orange is pleasing to the eye. They make great décor, great bread, great pie. I really have no complaints about pumpkins.
  5. Fall is a great time of year for entertainment. In the fall, all of the Oscar contenders start to come to theatres, so all of a sudden you are bombarded with a plethora of choices of films to go and see. I always find it to be the best time of year for going to see movies on the big screen. Also, it’s a great activity for when it’s a little cold, and you can just throw on a cozy sweater (see #3) and take yourself out to the movies. And… now with Covid-19 precautions you can go to the movie theatre and not have to sit close to any strangers! I personally always preferred fewer people in the movie theatre, so this is a slight perk amidst pandemic times. (Case in point Christopher Nolan’s Tenet just came out, and I’m really excited to go see this one.)
  6. Halloween is in the fall, and Halloween is always fun. If all parties were costume parties, I think I might like parties better. And even though there likely will be no Halloween parties this year, there’s no reason to not still put on a costume and pretend you are someone/something else. And to eat candy. And watch an ideal fall flick like A Nightmare Before Christmas
  7. The weather in the fall is lovely with its blend of summer brightness and winter crispness. I always distinctly notice the first day I walk outside in the fall season and the air is so cool after a hot summer. It feels like taking a sip from a cold glass of water after a long run. I’m looking forward to that day. 
  8. This final bullet isn’t really a specific quality about fall to look forward to, but more like a fall feeling. There is something about a New England fall that lends itself well to being stuck at home. Fall is a good time to reflect and to create and to explore your surroundings; all things we are forced to do in the world we are currently living in.


Editor’s Note:

*- #CrewneckSZN is a stabilizing force in these trying times.

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