Clock Strikes Midnight on Bulldog’s Cinderella Run

The stage was set for the David vs Goliath Championship game. The fourteenth seeded Bulldogs looking to complete their magical tournament run over top seeded Notre Dame Academy. It was a good one from the start.

In the first, the game was fairly even with some good back and forth action but it was Notre Dame who scored first, burying a rebound out front to give them a 1-0 lead in the Championship.

Nobody could find the back of the net for the rest of the period and the score remained for the entirety of the second period as well.

The third period was one for fans of offense as both teams really started to thrive in their opponents ends of the ice.

The Bulldogs were finally able to find the equalizer at the beginning of the third period off the stick of (Jr.) Andrea Mcneil and the Canton bench and fans in the stands erupted. However, the excitement was very short lived as directly off the ensuing faceoff NDA took the puck down and scored.

6 seconds after the first tie since puck-drop the Bulldogs were back at square one being down one to the defending champs.

NDA would go on to add another making the score 3-1 with twelve minutes left and although Canton made it 3-2 with a (Soph.) Lauren Fitzpatrick five-hole goal with 9:52 left, it was clear that it would be an uphill battle to complete the comeback.

The play of (Fr.) Katherine Pyne who scored twice more at the end of the game to secure the championship for NDA  was unbelievable and if she elects to stay at NDA they could continue to be a power in the girls D2 bracket for years to come.

As for the Bulldogs the loss marked the end of an otherwise remarkable season and tournament run. Settling for being a Division 2 Finalist is not bad for a team that nobody picked to make it out of the first round.

Congratulations to the Girls Hockey team on a fantastic season.


There were also some highlights of the game from the student section specifically the jumbotron.

Moment of the Game: Frankie on the Jumbotron

The all-time CHS super-fan getting his moment to shine at the Garden was a fantastic sight to see. Frankie deserves a CHS state championship and hopefully he will get one….soon.

Line(s) of the game: Intelligent fan remarks

“Score a goal”

“Don’t let them score”


It’s good to see some high hockey I.Q in the fan section.

Once again hats off to the Lady Bulldogs on a great year and magical tournament run. As Post Malone once said…

“They said I wouldn’t be nothing, now they always say congratulations

Till’ next year





The Garden; Lady Bulldogs Down Westwood in Bourne

Teacher vs. Students

Town vs. Town

A trip to the TD Garden for a shot at a state championship on the line.

The script leading up to the game could not have been written any better for the matchup between the Girls hockey team of Westwood vs. Canton high’s finest and the game did not disappoint.

In the first period it was Canton who controlled the pace of play. But despite many chances generated from the likes of Sophomores Lauren Fitzpatrick and Maggie Malloy the Lady Bulldogs could not find the back of the net.

Westwood responded with some chances of their own but (Jr.) Goalie Colleen Kelleher stood on her head to keep the score knotted at 0 heading into the first intermission.

In the second frame it appeared to be more of the same. The Bulldogs set the tone with puck possession and physicality while also being able to avoid penalties. However, goals stayed at a premium with superb goaltending on behalf of both teams.

And right when it appeared it was going to come down to the final fifteen minutes to decide a victor, Canton struck courtesy of (Jr.) Kendra Farrelly with just over 3 minutes to go in the second putting the Dogs’ up 1-0.

In the third it was clear who deserved to win the game. The Bulldogs continued to press and the Westwood comeback attempts were squashed. The win earned the 14th seeded Bulldogs a trip to the TD Garden for the D2 State Championship against number one ranked Notre Dame Academy Sunday March 19th, at 11am et.


There are some things in life that you couldn’t write a better script if you tried. This game was one of them.

Mr. Amico’s  (AP Career education teacher at CHS) Westwood team took on the Bulldogs in the most anticipated matchup since Paquio vs. Mayweather.

With this huge matchup the stoody did not disappoint and came out in masses providing easy content for some semi-final game awards.

Song of the Game: National Anthem

This one was a toss-up between our nation’s anthem and Ed Sheehan’s “Shape of you“. But on U.S.A theme I’ll give the nod to my guy Francis Scott. Also some great voices in the stoody from those brave enough to sing along (cc: CHS Choir)

Line of the Game: “That was egregious!”

Some SAT vocab like you read about in response to a very questionable no-call against Westwood.

Fan of the Game: Maggie Wade

Maggie is an ultimate “team first” player and her pump-up ability appears to be second to none. Not everyone’s purpose on a team is to go out and score three goals a night. The real glue players know their role and from my days of being a bench mob basketball player I’ll say it is a crucial part to every team.

Chant of the Game: “Countdown to Freedom”

The amount of freedom I felt after this chant was the equivalent of Andy Dufresne’s escape from Shawshank.

With time winding down on a Bulldog penalty the study chanted in unison “3-2-1- FREEDOM!” gives me goosebumps just thinking bout it.

Dogs’ Win. Stoody Wins. NNNN. Garden in 3.

P.S- To those saying ND is unbeatable here’s a little speech. Ever heard of it?

Senior Leadership and Young Star Power lead Bulldogs over Bishop Feehan

During every great championship run, there is always a game you look back upon as the one where you truly started to believe that team could go all the way.

This game might be that for the Bulldogs.

Things got off to a rocky start for the Dogs’ when the Shamrock’s first line came out flying (they did not play in the two team’s first matchup). The Bulldogs did not look like they were playing at the same speed as the Shamrocks and as a result, Feehan slammed a rebound home to put them up 1-0 just 58 seconds into the game.

Despite the slow start the Bulldogs started to pick up pace afterwards; especially in terms of physicality. The Dogs’ were the agressor for not only the first period but the entire game, led by Senior Captains Jackson Maffeo and CJ Martin.

On the offensive end, the Bulldogs were getting a fair amount of shots off but were lacking any truly great chances. Shots were officially 9-9 after one.

Once again the start of the second period was tricky for the Bulldogs and Feehan’s infamous first line kept proving they were legit.

After a turnover in the defensive zone, A Feehan forward was able to pounce on the puck, skate in, and bury a breakaway leaving the Bulldogs a 2-0 deficit with 9:43 to go in the second.

It started to feel as though the end was near for the Bulldogs, but right when you think they’re out… they pull you back in. ► 0:06

For some inexplicable reason it was not Feehan who rode the momentum for the rest of the game, but rather the Dogs’.

The Bulldog’s defensemen getting in on the offensive rush played a crucial role in the team’s comeback attempt; something that had yet to be seen this year.

And after a slew of chances the puck found it’s way onto (Sr.) Jackson Maffeo’s stick in the high slot where he wound and fired a slapshot top shelf that would make Zdeno Chara jealous. The goal cut the deficit in half to a score 2-1 Feehan.

After the first goal in the second period, the Bulldogs controlled the game. However to the Shamrock’s credit they had to have racked up 10+ blocked shots truly sacrificing the body which kept the Bulldogs from getting more shots on net.

The Bulldogs came out in the 3rd knowing that if they did not score there would be no tomorrow

And they played like it.

Winning every one on one battle, every race to the puck, and laying the body at every opportunity is what got the Bulldogs the equalizer as (Soph.) Ryan Nolte buried one on the doorstep. 2-2 game

And what’s a good playoff game without a little controversy?

With just over two minutes to play in the third period (Fr.) Johnny Hagan ripped a wrist shot off what appeared to be the back of the crossbar inside the net (appeared meaning anyone with the gift of sight could tell it went in). From what I could find in my research this is the definition of a goal “In ice hockey, a goal is scored when the puck completely crosses the goal line between the two goal posts and below the goal crossbar. An example would be Johnny Hagan of Canton in the third period with two minutes left in a tied state tournament game against Bishop Feehan”.  DisclaimerI got my definition off of Wikipedia.

After the non-goal heard round the world there was also some questionable calls against the Bulldogs but they were killed off and neither team was able to score taking the game to overtime.

In the first 6 minutes of 4 v. 4 O.T, both teams had their chances but neither team could find the back of the net sending it to double overtime.

After (Jr.) goalie Quinn Gibbs stood on his head for two saves the breakout pass found its way onto the stick of Ryan Nolte.

Nolte put the puck through his legs to start out the attack and what happened next will go down in CHS hockey history. A nifty outside move controlling the puck on the backhand and then a quick move to the forehand undressed both the Feehan defenseman and sent the Canton bench into a frenzy securing a 3-2 double overtime win.

The  6th seeded Dogs’ advance to the sectional semi-finals to face the 2nd seeded Medway Mustangs next Tuesday at Gallo Arena in Bourne at 5:30pm.


And now for the student section.

A game for the ages provided for the stoody of the year so lets get right into the awards.

One Liner of the Game: “That Pesky Blue Line!”

As a Feehan player skated backwards in the bulldogs zone he took a SPILL head over heels onto the blue line. With a dead silent rink there was an opening for the line of the game to get prime real estate in the mind of the opposing team. Credit to Connor Proctor for line.

Fan of the Game: Joey Pacitti

When you don’t think the genius of the “Canton is Coming” chant can get any better after the furious two goal comeback “Canton has Arrived” came into to play. Masterful work Joey. Masterful.

Moment of the Game: Rushing the Glass

It just never gets old.

Dog’s Win. Stoody Wins. No Names No Numbers.

P.S- On to Gallo

Round 1 Goes to the Bulldogs

This Wednesday, March 1st was a historic day for Canton hockey as they hosted their first playoff game in the new Ice House Arena  against their “Senior Night” foe in the Pembroke Titans.

The first period was vintage playoff hockey with a high hitting but low scoring affair. There was a lot of scrapping and gritty plays in the corner but neither team could light the lamp and in typical Bulldog fashion the score was 0-0 after one.

The second period featured more of the same but now it started to become apparent that it was truly the Bulldogs game to lose. Controlling the puck, getting shots on net, and playing suffocating defense made it seem almost improbable that they wouldn’t be able to capitalize on a chance. But yet again the Pembroke goalie play and defense kept a scoring breakthrough at bay.

The third period had both fans and players on edge. Both team’s inability to put the puck in the net led to thoughts of overtime beginning to creep into everyones mind.

But finally, with just 5:19 left in regulation (Soph.) Ryan Nolte buried one where mama hides the cookies; top shelf. Putting the Dogs’ up 1-0.

Despite a couple of last stitched efforts from the Titans, the Bulldogs defense and saves from (Jr.) Quinn Gibbs kept the score 1-0 and secured a spot in the next round.

The 6th seeded Dog’s will move on to play the 3rd seeded Bishop Feehan Shamrocks (whom the Bulldogs defeated 1-0 all the way back in December) at Asiaf Arena in Brockton Saturday at 6:30pm .


Playoff hockey and Canton High student sections go together like PB&J.

The continued run of success by the hockey program has led me to feeling much like I do during the Patriots playoffs…does the playoffs even start until the sectional final?

I bought my tickets to the Garden in March…of last year. This has all the makings of a special year; one in which many in the preseason had penciled in as the dreaded “down year” for the program.

With the great support of the Dog Pound faithful such as tonight, the Dogs’ should be the favorite in every game they play in.

Now for some awards…

Chant of the game: “….NOT!”/ “…SIKE!”

The ole’ …NOT! or …SIKE! at the end of a line is an often talked of but rarely mastered skill. The co-ordination of the student section to get a nice “Pembroke is playing great…NOT!” was one that nearly brought tears to my eyes. Or maybe it was just really dry, that could’ve also played a role.

Fan of the Game: Colleen Kelleher

A true class act through and through. Whether she’s an All-star goalie on the ice, an All-Scholastic in the classroom, or a student section favorite, Colleen gets the job done.

She also hooked me up with a jersey which was cool. Not to say giving me things gets you fan of the game.

Seriously giving me stuff will not get you fan of the game.

I swear it won’t.


Political Chant of the Game: “Connoly for Select-man”

I’m not a politics guy but I know when I see a man who is right for a job. Fair to say the student vote is in the bag.


Seat of the Game: The Perch

My first period view was second to none except for when the puck went anywhere near our net. Also my legs went numb after five minutes but I powered through.IMG_6638.JPG

Dogs’ win. Stoody wins. No Names No Numbers.



Bulldogs Take Game 1 of Quinn Tournament

The following article was submitted by Tommy DeLello

On Tuesday night the Bulldogs found themselves in a familiar situation as the favorites to win the annual Quinn Hockey tournament. With that being said, a giant roadblock faced them in the first round, the Medfield Warriors.

First I’d like to say, the creator of this blog, Patrick “I have the sniffles” LaBelle was at home with a “fever” so the always rowdy Dog Pound was placed into the hands of Canton High’s self acclaimed superfan… myself. It was a tall order for a stoodie compiled of about 17.5 students, (Tommy Ghostlaw wasn’t much of a talker to say the least). And we found ourselves sandwiched in between two colossal groups of Medfield parents.

It was a true David versus Goliath story.

As the first period ensued, the Dogs’ fell victim to (in my homer opinion)  a couple ghost roughing calls. Of course, this was no problem for Jack Goyetch and the aggressive penalty kill unit. After one of these calls against the Bulldogs it was Goyetch who found himself in a race for the puck with a much larger, yet slower, defenseman. He beat him to the puck, shielded it from oncoming traffic, drove to the net and in Orr-like fashion finished it as he was tripped from behind. A very shameful celly followed the goal, but hey respect the biz right? A goal is a goal and it put the Dogs’ up 1-0 after one.

After a long intermission filled with soft pretzels, (soft because I got my wisdom teeth out a couple days ago… no excuses but this was basically Jordan flu game 2.0) the Dogs’ and Warriors came back out in the second and put forth an extremely dynamic period. One filled with big hits, penalties, and great saves by both teams.

The highlight of the period came with 2.7 seconds left when (Sr.) Defenseman and Captain CJ Martin heroically saved the tying goal with a puck hovering in the crease, however the referee’s claimed that he had committed a penalty; one in which a penalty shot was awarded to Medfield.

The Medfield shooter, with the aid of an incredible triple deke (one eerily similar to that done by Charlie Conway in The Mighty Ducks) knotted the game at 1 goal apiece. The goal was probably the highlight of this kids life with insane skill shown… but would it be enough?

As the 3rd began, many of the same game trends continued.

Finally, with 7 minutes remaining and the Dogs’ dominating on the powerplay (Fr.) Johnny Hagan ripped a wrist shot blocker side and it found the back of the net, the Dog Pound went nuts as he celebrated up to the glass. The Dogs’ carried this momentum the rest of the game and  with (Sr.) Ryan Lodge putting home a rebound for a goal just minutes after Hagan’s Rocket, the Bulldogs stayed the course for a great 3-1 win over the defending D2 State Champions.


Fan of the Game: Mom of Medfield Goalie

After the 3rd goal of the game the Dog Pound began the usual “SIV” chant toward the goalie, because as the readers of this blog know everything is fair in love, war, and High School student sections, but this woman did not get that memo. This lady got up all her nerve and decided to confront the beast that is the dog pound. She came right up to the ears of some of the girls in the crowd and began to yell multiple times “Why are you yelling at my son?! THAT’S MY SON IN NET! BE RESPECTFUL TO MY SON OR STOP CHEERING!” I mean as much of an embarrassing move as this was, you gotta respect they play. She was going all out the whole game cheering and yelling, the whole works but nothing was going her way. So she went for the Hail Mary, attempting to silence the stoodie for the last 5 minutes to allow her team to come back and win. I give props to that mom. However, it simply did not work as we only fed off the negative energy from hero mom and it led to the Dogs’ dominating play in the final minutes and a rather uneventful final five for the Warriors. So nice try hero mom, but better luck next time.

The Dogs’ are back in action Thursday night back at Raynham at 730 for the championship game… we will need all the kids we can get, BE THERE!

Editors Note: As Drake once said  “Just like Flu season man I ain’t nothing to play with”. I did in fact have a  102 degree fever (not to brag) and that was the only thing keeping me from rooting on the Dogs’. I will be back like Jordan wearing the 4-5 come Thursday. #NNNN