Middleborough Outmatched By the Bulldogs

Coming off of a forty-point drubbing back at the beginning of the season, the Middleborough basketball team could not have been too hopeful heading into their game against the Hockomock league Canton Bulldogs.

And without much suspense the game was a relatively easy game for the Dogs’. Some would call it a “warm-up” of sorts for their must win game on Friday at Stoughton High School.

It was 17-7 after one, 33-15 at half, and by the time the third quarter ended the lead had reached over 30 at 59-26.

(Soph.) Devin Foster led the way in terms of scoring with 16 points, followed by (Jr.) Tony Harris and (Sr.) Danny Hartnett with 12 points apeice.

The game also featured some faces who don’t typically see a ton of  Varsity playing time including (Jr.) Matt “The Warbur-tron” Warburton chipping in with a bucket and several rebounds. (Soph.) Ryan Lentol who is still working his way back into the mix coming off of a foot injury also played well.

In the end the Bulldogs coasted to a 68-34 convincing win. The next two games against Stoughton and Archbishop Williams are “win or go home” for the Bulldogs looking to make the playoffs for the first time since 2014.

Bulldogs Outplay Pembroke on Senior Night

It was an emotion filled atmosphere at the Canton Ice house on Saturday, as the Bulldogs Boys Hockey team suited up for Senior night.

Before the game were the festivities of announcing each Senior player’s name along with taking a picture with their parents and fellow family members. It’s always  a nice ceremony especially  for a group of seniors who have given so much to the program in their four years.

With that being said, once the puck was dropped the emotions were put to the side for what would be a chippy game with many big hits (some legal, some not).

(Soph.) Ryan Nolte got the scoring started for the Bulldogs with help from (Sr.) Tommy Kilduff and (Fr.) Johnny Hagan to put the Dogs’ up 1-0 with 8:19 left to go in the first.

Despite the goal the Bulldogs were unable to get a whole lot going for them offensively in the first as much of the game was being played between the neutral zones. The one goal would be all they got heading into the 1st intermission.

In the second frame the Bulldogs offense seemingly kicked things up a notch and with 8:50 to go (Jr.) Charlie Malloy buried one out in front of the net assisted by (Sr.) Ryan Lodge to put the Bulldogs up 2-0. Despite a flurry of other chances the Bulldogs once again had to settle for one goal despite controlling play.

In the third it appeared as though the Bulldogs might be content with playing good defense and securing a win but instead put up two goals ( (Jr.) Jack Goyetch and (Jr.) Bubba Mcneice respectively) in the final 6 minutes to put the nail in the coffin on Pembroke’s already meager comeback chances.

(Jr.) Goalie Quinn Gibbs pitched a shutout increasing his case for a possible Goalie of the Year award.

The 4-0 win brings the already Hockomock champion Bulldogs to a record of  12-4-2. The boys will look to ready themselves for a playoff run with a road test against Lincoln Sudbury on Wednesday.


It’s always difficult to follow up an electric student section like the one that made the trip to Franklin but it was not a terrible showing by the Dog Pound on home ice.

The game was well attended but could have easily been a little more rowdy. Although I will say; the Ice house is difficult to have a great student section with the seats being so far away from the ice but #NoExcuses.

Stoody Highlight of the Game- Senior Big-Heads

A tradition as old as time itself; the Big-Head. There is nothing quite like showing your appreciation for someone through 24 inches of cardboard face cutout. Side note: MIAA disapproval of Big-Heads is #sad! Let the kids have a little fun.

Fan of the Game: Nikki Gefteas

Helping a Chuck-A-Puck addict (myself)  in a time of need gets you fan of the game any day of the week and twice on Senior night.

Dogs Win. Stoody wins. No Names No Numbers




Down Goes Franklin 2.0

The saying that you play to the level of your competition was apparent on Wednesday night against bitter Hockomock rivals the Franklin Panthers. Both teams came into the game at the tops of their respective divisions with nearly identical records. Canton coming in at 11-4-2 and Franklin at 11-5-0. The stage was set for a fantastic game.

And it did not disappoint.

Right off the drop of the puck, Canton won the face-off and (Soph.) Ryan Nolte fired a low shot off the Franklin Goaltender but the juicy rebound ended up right on the stick of (Sr.) Tommy Kilduff who buried it putting the Dogs’ up 1-0 just 10 seconds into the game.

The teams went back and forth for the middle part of the 1st period with both teams ringing the crossbar, but with about two minutes left in the first it was Canton who once again capitalized thanks to a (Jr.) Bubba McNeice goal assisted by (Jr.) Jack Goyetch, making the score 2-0 Bulldogs at the end of the first.

In the second frame, the importance of the first five minutes and last five minutes of the period in an evenly matched game showed again. Franklin won the second period in terms of puck possession and offensive zone time but it still looked as though the Bulldogs were going to escape the period having let in no goals.

With 5.0 seconds left, Franklin had an offensive zone face-off win and while a shot from the point did not go in, a Franklin player was there to clean up the rebound as the buzzer sounded. Making it 2-1 Canton heading into the third.

The third period was one of the most action packed periods of the season.

Franklin scored the equalizer a couple minutes into the period off of a Panther snipe from the slot making it 2-2.

From that point bodies started being thrown around more than the first two periods, pucks were hitting posts and sliding past the goal line on both ends, and it was anyone’s guess which team was going to secure the win.

The answer came with just over three minutes to play in the 3rd.

A loose puck near the Franklin crease was finally batted in by Tommy Kilduff, his second of the game. The goals gave the Dogs’ a 3-2 lead that they would not look back upon along with ultimate Hockomock puck bragging rights.


As for the student section,

Imagine the movies Rocky, Rocky 2, Rocky 3, Rocky 4, (not five that one was trash), 300, Miracle, Hoosiers, The Karate Kid, and Rudy. Multiply that by ten to understand the truly inspiring showing from the Canton student section.

A late Wednesday night game in Franklin with a snow day looming had nobody expecting a good showing from the Dog Pound faithful.

But the carpools were set up. And with the help of the CHS Girls hockey team and a late insurgence of fans, the Stoody had by far its best showing of the year. And on away ice no less!

Let’s get to the highlights.

Clap-back of the Game: “Score-board”

Ah yes, one of the few chants that is undefeated now and will be until the end of time. “Rattle City” (who was quite rattled by their opposing stoody IMO) tried to comeback at thundering chants of “Lets go Bulldogs!” with a chant of “We can’t hear you!” to which the stoody came firing back with a “Score-board” chant louder than the inevitable sobbing of the losing team.

Chant of the Game: “Yes!”

From the mind of Caroline Hagan, the final buzzer gave way to a “Yes!” chant that would make the WWE cower in fear. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZwYWYuqbj8

Moment of the Game: Canton Rushes the Glass

Following the Canton goal with just minutes remaining the team skated to the student section who in turn ran to greet them at the glass. The moment can be described as nothing else but purely electric and one that the players along with the fans will remember for a long time.

Dogs’ win. Stoody wins. No Names No Numbers.

P.S- There was no chuck-a-puck…sad!






Bulldogs Crush an Up-and-Coming Taunton Team.

Going into the game it was hard to tell what was to be expected from the Taunton Tigers.

Obviously they had one of the biggest upsets of the year taking down perennial D1 powerhouse Franklin, but yet blowout losses at the hand of North Attleboro and Oliver Ames questioned if the team was truly battle tested enough especially due to a rather weak non-league schedule.

With the line (imaginary of course) set at Dogs’ -3.5 it was time to start the game.

The Dogs’ got the scoring going with a (Jr.) Mike Dadasis goal assisted by (Jr.) Jack Goyetch and then within a minute doubled the lead with (Sr.) Ryan Lodge squeaking one past the Taunton goalie assisted by (Jr.) Charlie O’Connor.

With the Bulldogs controlling time of possession and offensive zone time they went to the locker room with a 2-0 lead but the pregame uncertainty was gone as it was clear the Tigers were not a team to be overly-feared of.

In the second frame, (Jr.) Charlie Malloy put the dogs up 3-0 with a goal that would make Wayne Gretzky jealous and a failed celebration that has hockey players everywhere shaking their head.

(Jr.) Bubba McNeice made it 4-0 with 5:44 left in the second.

The goal of the game has to go to (Soph.) Ryan Nolte deking around two Taunton defenders before undressing the goalie to give the Dogs’ a commanding 5-0 lead at the end of the second.

Less than 4 minutes into the 3rd period McNeice got his second adding to the already out of hand game. And with a 6 goal lead many of the students started to remember all the undone homework assignments and tests for the next day and the thought of beating the traffic was creeping in.

But then things got interesting…

In the middle of the period “chippyness” or as I saw it just flat out dirty hits and plays by Taunton boiled over to a fight alongside the Taunton bench. When the dust settled and the helmets recovered Canton saw their captain ejected from the game along with another Taunton player.

I never would condone fighting in a high school hockey game (I’m too humble) but I can’t lie I felt like I was back in middle school thinking “Fight! Fight! Fight!”

When a fight breaks out in a high school event there are always a number of factors that lead up to it; so lets play the blame game.

30%- The Referees

“Never blame the referees!” Well, unless they let subtle punches and cheap shots (that happen right in front of them)  go the whole game from Taunton players. #Sad!

69%- Taunton players

No bias here of course, but watching players in a blowout game no longer going for the puck, laying blindside hits instead of trying to score a goal, and taking jabs after the whistle is #Sad!

1%- Canton Players

I guess caring too much about your team and standing up for yourself deserves some blame now-a-days…Sad! #GodIMissThe80’s

After the big fight, Brian “Cherry on Top” Ghostlaw scored his first of the year and put the bow on a huge 7-0 win.

As for the Student Section…

Brother of the Game: Tommy Ghostlaw

Watching a young respectable man lose their mind over their brothers first goal warmed my grinch-like heart. Also (and unrelated) but brother is a word you don’t trust when you see it typed; I had to look up how to spell it.

Chant of the Game: Start the Busses

On a regular game this doesn’t crack the list, but coming right after the legendary fight it gave me chills.

Fan of the Game: Jack Murphy

Jack Murphy from the clouds! Holding up an L to the two Taunton students who came to watch the game on their way out is gold. The “L” stays undefeated now and forever.

Dogs’ win. Stoody wins. No Names No Numbers.

P.S- I lost chuck-a-puck

You Win Some and You Lose Some; Bulldogs split games at the Dunk

In the first of the two games the Girl’s Basketball team controlled the play of the game for almost the entire game. Jr. Hannah Jerrier led the team with commanding post play dropping a double-double on the Sharon Eagles finishing with an astounding 26 points and 11 rebounds. Sr. Emma Murphy was also influential in the win tacking on another 13 points.

Despite a late Eagles surge the team held on for a strong 58-49 win; the team’s second in a row in what is showing up to be a late season charge for the Lady Bulldogs.

The Dogs’ will look to keep their winning ways going Tuesday February 3rd 6:30pm at Oliver Ames.

As for the boys game, it was not the typical style of basketball fans were used to seeing.

Uncharacteristic turnovers for key players, an inability to contest the three-ball or protect the paint plagued the Dogs’ throughout.

In typical Bulldog fashion it was a low scoring first half and despite all the mistakes  a 23-18 lead for Sharon did not seem insurmountable.

With that being said for nearly the entire game it felt as if Canton was on the brink of a comeback and to give credit where it is due the Eagles continued to respond with timely threes.

After halftime Sharon never gave way to the lead and with some garbage time free throws ultimately won the game by a score of 62-53.

(Jr.) Tony Harris led  the Dogs’ with 21 points while (Soph.) Devin Foster chipped in 8 of his own.

The Dogs’ will look to bounce back Tuesday February 3rd home at 6:30pm against  Oliver Ames with playoffs on the line.

As for the student section it’s fair to say it was a great experience for those who attended. The court-side seats were something that even at at the high school level were awesome to watch from and the proximity to the court did not stop the cheers.

Line of the Game: “I love Vin Diesel but that was a Fast Five!”

In response to a five second call against the Bulldogs. Also second time a Fast and Furious movie has been mentioned in this blog..that series never dies.

Hand up, not the best day for the Stoody but a frustrating game may have got to us a little bit  #WeAreOntoOA

P.S- Shoutout to CHS Cheer for coming out also a W for Canton in my opinion