Pet Peeve; Names

There are a lot of ¬†basic get to know you questions that take place in every college class (barring there’s 300 kids in it). Most people reading this probably understand what I’m talking about; things like “What’s your major?” “What year are you in? “Why are you not clicking, exiting out, and clicking again on every NNNN post?”

You know- things like that.

But there’s one question that I always pay particular attention to:

“What is your name/what do you like to be called?”

It’s a great question to be asked and probably the most important one as well. You would think that people give the slightest care about what they are going to be called for the next 4 months, right? Not always- and it drives me crazy.

In my humblest arrogant opinion, anyone who replies to the question of “What do you prefer to be called?” with “Doesn’t matter” should be treated as such by the whole class:

“What do you like to be called?”

Oh, it doesn’t matter to me- whatever is fine.”

Alright then, shithead it is!”


P.S- Go U ūüėĒ

I’m ALL in on TikTok

Trust me; I can’t believe it either.

The only things I knew (or thought I knew) before diving head first into the wild wild west of the internet were that it was an app that had spawned a couple viral tweets on Twitter and that it was a fan favorite amongst the 5-13 year-old demographic.

I had been a skeptic ever since my little brother (13 Y.O) first showed me the content that him and his friends had been cooking up along with the types of videos that were becoming wildly popular. To be entirely frank? It seemed stupid and unfunny to me.

But recently when I was listening to the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk (yes, you read that right- Gary Vee) deliver a Q & A regarding media to keep an eye on in the near future I was shocked to hear his #1 selection to start learning:


Despite all the tweets surrounding its users being {and I quote} “crackheads”, the app itself makes a whole lot of sense and it all starts with the algorithm (don’t get bogged down in that fancy word you learned half paying attention to in your high school calculus class and let me put this into layman’s terms).

Unlike the other social media apps currently available (Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.) TikTok puts far less emphasis on followers and far more emphasis on content.

To demonstrate this, let’s take a look at my first attempt/experiment the other day:

This video got over 100 views on the app despite me having a grand total of zero followers. The reason for this is that TikTok actually gives a shit about hashtags. I threw in #work #corporate #corporatelife with no other research into the app and sure enough the video got some traction.

You might be thinking¬†“Dude, you got a little over a hundred views on a mediocre comedy bit- relax”¬†which is fair¬†reasonable but I was astounded that someone just joining the app can already reach an (albeit small) audience.

I’m not saying I want to be a TikTok star or anything along the lines of that but it seems like a fantastic and free way to put yourself out there. Whether the point of putting yourself out there is to share your content tailored for the app or to promote your¬†minuscule¬†¬†tiny¬†up and coming podcast- is up to you.

So that’s my take, I know most of you reading this are probably skeptical to say the least (which is totally understandable) but whether you want to recognize it or not TikTok is the fastest growing app¬†in the world¬†with now over 500 million (with a “M”) users worldwide and the other mediums are struggling to play catch up with an app that puts content over celebrity.

So channel your inner “crackhead” and hop on the bandwagon with me.




Three Up, Three Down; Back to the Zoo

I love being a student at the flagship University of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

But like all things we love, there are inevitably going to be some aspects that we don’t care for as much.

So without further ado let’s get right into it:

Three Up:

  1. The Food

No need to bury the lede here.

2. The Friends

Friendship makes the world go round.

3. The Opportunities

Enroll in a challenging course that’ll push you out of your comfort zone! Join an extracurricular that you’re passionate about! Take an eighth of shrooms!

The power is in your hands.

Three Down:

  1. The Toilet Paper

I can no longer sit here and act as if everything is A-O.K at this fine university when the toilet paper provided has the density of air. How am I supposed to “improve the lives of the people of the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world.” when I can’t even improve the treatment of my own butthole?

Luckily this year I came prepared:

For Sale; five cents per sheet

I’m a Charmin three-ply man. Always have been; always will be.

Im tempted to take this matter right up to the top:

Image result for chancellor subbaswamy

2. Corner Rooms

I always thought people’s hate for the corner room was unfounded and over the top.

It can’t really be that small…right?


So in an effort to save space my roommate and I had to start making some decisions on what we could do to cut down on clutter.

Should we loft both of our beds?

Should we just not have a T.V?

Let’s get rid of both our desks.


But despite a moment of ingenious innovation in interior design, we were quickly met with a knock on our door courtesy of a couple RAs saying we couldn’t just throw our desks into the common room and act as if they belonged there.

It’s truly sad to see that this fine institution doesn’t support a few good men with exceptional critical thinking and problem solving.

I’m tempted to take this matter right up to the top:

Image result for chancellor subbaswamy

3. UMass Football





Image result for crying gif

Sometimes in life, you gotta fall before you can fly- Go U. #InWaltWeTrust


All things considered? It feels great to be back at the zoo.

Let’s have ourselves a year.


NNNN Episode 12 (The Minutemen are Going to the National Championship)

Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to get into the studio to talk about the Minutemen winning their semifinal matchup against Denver.

Also included:

(0-16:35) GREAT interview with UMass cheerleader Elena Pacheco


(16:35-24:07) UMass vs. Denver semifinal recap and thoughts (Pure electricity)

(24:07-26:47) The meltdown of the Los Angeles Lakers (Magic Johnson…GONE)

(26:47-32:04) Bruins/Celtics banter (No worries)

(32:04-36:35) March Madness Championship recap (Did Texas Tech get hosed?)

(36:35-38:52) Antonio Brown’s recent PR (I think my services are needed)

(38:52-45:00) Thoughts on “It looks good on a resume!”, “I’m so tired.”, “Is _____ gonna be on the test?” (Needed to blow off some steam)

(45:00-end) “Things We Learned” (I address the allegations of  losing 1 v. 1 to a kid in jeans {I did})



The Case Against Minimum Word/Page Requirements for Students


As I write this headline, I can do nothing else but picture the thousands of teachers shaking their fists in the air and saying something along the lines of “Oh stop complaining!¬†Kids these days are just lazy!”

And for the most part? I actually tend to agree.

But with that being said, a small piece of me dies inside every time I see an assignment handed out with a page or word count requirement attached to it.

Trust me (or don’t but keep reading- it’s good for you) I understand the motivation for doing it. From a teacher’s perspective they probably assume that if they don’t give a required amount of pages/words then they will be swamped with responses lacking any critical thinking and/or insight.

An understandable line of thought? For sure.

Jesus, then what’s the big deal?!

Well, the big deal with minimum page/word requirements is that doing so encourages bullshitting to the tenth degree (in my not so humble opinion).

Instead of students asking themselves “How am I going to write a great paper?” the¬†focus instead becomes¬†“How can I fill X amount of pages?”.¬†Also, I feel compelled to question the logic of encouraging students to write more just for the hell of it. Think about a person you know who takes 15 minutes to spit a 5 minute story out. Don’t you wanna just smack them upside the head and tell them “T-t-t-today junior!” ?

I know I do.

So why is it that we encourage students to make what could be a compelling, intelligent, and to the point 3 page paper into the infamous 10 pager? Is it so we can say we’re challenging them? Is it because educators want to read 3 sentences of information that could be sufficed with one? Is it because it’s fun to watch the students suffering?

The reality of the situation is that by the time students reach university they have had the question of “How long should it be?”¬†programmed to be their first burning question when an assignment is distributed. It’s an issue that starts developing as early as elementary school and it’s not going to change overnight; but we can sure as hell start today.

I honestly could go on forever but I guess I’ll leave it at that.

Cause I just hit the minimum word count.