The Triumphant Return of ‘Jets Fan Jared’

I’m always torn between having no guest and having Jared “Jizz” Issac on but I figured we’d throw the poor kid a bone.

Unfortunately we got ransacked out of the studio almost immediately after wrapping up but hopefully the rest will be recorded soon enough.*

Topics include:

-the Jets new uniforms (stink)

-The shitshow that is the Green Bay Packers

-Baseball talk (Redsox>Yankees {but they both stink right now})

– Cake talk (featuring Josh Darnold)

-And much, much, more!

Enjoy and let’s have ourselves a weekend:


*Friendly reminder that the Minutemen are in the Frozen Four

NNNN Episode 10 with WMUA Sports Director Colin Cronin


Really interesting show today featuring:

-An awesome interview with WMUA’s own Colin Cronin

Colin Pic
Is Tom a fake UMass fan? 🤔

-UMass Hockey (listen now before the game ends)

-UMass football (#OneTake with Walt Bell 😍)

-Gronk retirement (Retweet if you cried)

-Thoughts on Tom Izzo “altercation” with player (God I miss the 80s)

-Baseball is back (that pretty much sums it up)

-“The Departed” vs. “Good Will Hunting” (featuring hot takes from Johnny the Brow)

-“Things We Learned”

-The X Fund (please take a minute to check out the great work being done)



NNNN is on Spotify

Warning: The following blog is filled with more sap than a giant sequoia  from the Pacific Northwest (shoutout Geography 220)

Despite the countless tweets making fun of them, it’s been a dream of mine to have my own podcast since as soon as I started listening to them back in middle school.

I had always assumed it was one of those things where people just show up at a studio one day and start talking in front of a microphone and that was all there was to it.

Don’t get me wrong; you can definitely do that. Only problem with that is in my humblest of opinions- it’s probably going to suck. This was made abundantly clear by my first attempt at cooking up some audio in the lab back in the first week of second semester.

I absolutely cringed listening back to episode one (and still do whenever I think about it). It’s no secret that I admire a lot of people in not only sports media but media in general (Pardon My Take, Joe Rogan, countless comedians, etc.). But as a result of that, it’s extremely hard not to compare yourself to the people at the top of the field right now and even harder to not sound like a knockoff version of other people’s show.

With that being said, I think the show has vastly improved since day one with the help of Tom, our guests, and lots of people behind the scenes who have helped out a ton with teaching me about the actual producing of a podcast. I’m happy with the progress made but also see so many opportunities for growth in the future (consistent guests being a main priority).

Ok Pat- get to the goddamn point.

Now that I feel as though the podcast has established itself as more than just a weekly screw around session (although I do like screwing around) I’m excited to say that the ‘NNNN’ podcast is now available for streaming on Spotify. I realize that not everyone has the app (and am hoping to get it on iTunes soon enough) but I would greatly appreciate if you could spare a follow and maybe click a couple several 10-15 times upon the release of every new episode.

I joke about our “thousands” of listeners almost every week but the honest truth is that there has been steady improvement from each episode to the next. I want to thank everyone who has been listening, liking, commenting, sharing, and everything in between because it helps a ton.

And for the haters? (of which there are many)

We’re not leaving.




Goodbye Gronk (Complete with Green Day ‘Time Of Your Life’ Montage)

To the greatest to ever play the tight end position in the National Football League:

We’ll miss you.


NNNN Episode #9 with Ryan Beaton

She’s a beauty that number 9 featuring:

-A GREAT interview with UMass Women’s Basketball beat Ryan Beaton

Ryan Beaton

(so handsome)

-UMass Basketball (cleaning house)

-UMass Hockey (WAGON!!!!)

-Shoutout CHS Hockey (undefeated; never lost)

-Mike Trout (did he ruin baseball?)

-NFL free agency update (OBJ, Bell, Brown, and more!)

-NBA fan/player conflicts (an interesting predicament)

-March Madness Day 1 (Christmas Day for college kids)

-College Admissions Scandal (It’s not right…but….)

-“Things We Learned” (The ‘Bong Bandit’ is on the loose)