Canton Vs. Sharon “Silent Night”

It was a slow start for the Bulldogs in the 1st quarter of their annual silent night game. For those who don’t know the game is a special one for the student section as well as the basketball programs at Canton High. Instead of the usual crazy stands, the student section is absolutely silent until the bulldogs score ten points.

Usually the ten points is a breeze and the stands go crazy from the start but whether it be nerves or pure bad luck, with time ticking down of the first quarter and the score being only 8-8 it felt as if the goal would not be reached. At least until Devin Foster of the Bulldogs got the ball on a deep catch and shoot three let it go and splashed it like water. Foster who had been met with “Over-rated” chants from the Sharon student section was met with chants of “M.V.P” for the rest of the game by the Canton students powering him to a fantastic 19 point performance

With the moonshot, the student section erupted and the special world that is high school sports truly started to show. Because for the next 24 minutes of basketball the Bulldogs never looked backed. Building a 7 point lead at halftime and growing it to 20 in the third. Before eventually taking the game by a score of 63-49

The student section was the best I’ve seen or been apart of in my 2 1/2 years at Canton High. So let’s give out some awards.

Costume of the game: Grace Lehane

Grace brought her A-game for this one. Going four quarters in giant stuffed teddy bear is hard enough but doing it while being sandwiched in between 80 other students is the effort of a true super-fan.

Voice of the game: Tommy DeLello

I think the Sharon players can still hear Tommy’s voice haunting thier every dream. Couldn’t talk for days and says he had to take the next hockey game off for recovery (not to brag).

Chant of the Game: CHS’s own rendition of silent night

The game is in hand so why not break out a little “Silent night” it was simply beautiful the CHS choir can definitely take a few more voices from the student section if needed. Great Concept to sing whole song but lyric pages for the words after “Siiiiiiilent Nighhhhht” may be needed.

Maybe next year