“There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and The Great Pumpkin.” -Linus


I strolled into class today (fashionably late) only to find out that we would be using the period as a study hall. Some students might question whether there was really a need for class when studying can be done anywhere- but not I! (I didn’t even make a $30,000 study hall joke- credit to me)

With that being said, I didn’t actually do any studying because our teacher threw on “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” for a little background noise.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for academic excellence.

But when Charlie Brown comes on-

You put the books away.

It was probably the first time I’d seen the half hour special in years and I was utterly shocked by some of the scenes in the movie.

Someone has to start the conversation that should’ve been had a long time ago:


“Everyone tells me you are a fake, but I believe in you.

P.S- If you really are a fake, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know.”


Hahaha- Linus you dummy! That imbecile spent his entire Halloween waiting for the Great Pumpkin to make their triumphant return. If the Pumpkin hasn’t come back yet what makes his dumbass think this year will be any different? You almost have to respect the blind commitment to the take.


But Pat- what makes believing in Santa any different than the Great Pumpkin?

Because I used to believe in Santa…duh? Also, everybody knows that you should always believe what everyone else thinks. Even if you know there are some gaping holes within that belief it’s better to have blind faith. Nothing can go wrong from believing in something without any evidence to back it up.

George Michael said it best- “gotta have faith”!

Gee Pat- I guess you’re right. It’s a good thing this clip is only talking about the ‘Great Pumpkin’ vs. Santa Clause and not the actual religions of the world. That would be a lot scarier to think about.

Agreed; thank God for that.


P.S- No matter what you believe, give these two clips a watch when you get a minute.


Does Your Music Suck? Let’s Fix That.

By: Emily Beatty Instagram: @emilyhbeatty Twitter: @emilyhbeatty

Heellllooo No Names No Numbers! Emily here with my very first article 🙂 I’m here to talk to you all about quite a few things, but most importantly about the best thing on the entire planet- music.

Every month I make a playlist with songs that I am loving: brand new music, oldies, and songs that just fit how I’m feeling. I’ve been told by a few people that they really like the music I listen to, so here I am to share it with all of you!

This list is just my top 10 songs from this month, but if you want the full list and to follow along as you read, click here for the playlist.

Track 1: Overthinking IT by Willow

This is one of my favorite songs from this month and it’s one of Willow’s best in my opinion. As one of Jada and Will’s three children, she’s literally bursting with talent. She’s come so far from “Whip My Hair” and honestly, I couldn’t be more thankful. I got into her over the summer with Jaden’s new album ERYS and her own “Wait a Minute!” (which is her most popular song thanks to Tik Tok) and she has been impressing me more and more ever since. The moodiness of her voice and the basslines are absolutely incredible, and her lyrics are just so mature and well written for an 18-year-old. This song is about having anxiety and being in love. Willow is truly just so genuine and talented, she’s a pleasure to listen to.

Track 2: Lost My Mind by FINNEAS

Love. FINNEAS. He is so fucking talented, and is finally breaking out into the spotlight on his own with this EP, titled Blood Harmony, that he dropped earlier this month. As the older brother to Billie Eilish (yes, the Billie Eilish), he’s been hiding in her shadow with his excellent co-writing and background vocals on her tracks. This EP is exactly what I needed. He teased his talents early this summer with “Angel”, and I very literally sobbed, the track hits so close to home. “Lost My Mind” is much more fast-paced, but the lyrics still convey such emotion. His talents are absolutely crazy and this song was the best way for him to showcase them.

Track 3: Alien Boy by Oliver Tree

Alright I’ll say it: I’m an indie/alternative pop kind of girl. I enjoy many many rap and R&B artists, but my heart belongs to underground pop- I’m sorry. That being said, my boyfriend introduced me to this song, and I kind of love it. It’s upbeat and fun, and the lyrics are quirky and the tone is even kind of rhythmic alternative. It’s definitely a good song and I’m excited to see what his upcoming album has to offer.

Track 4: Drunk on Halloween by Wallows

Wallows is 100% my favorite band at the moment. Frontman Dylan Minnette (aka Clay Jensen from Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why) is a fucking talent and a gem. Him and his two other bandmates released an album in March of this past year and I posted all about it on my Instagram. This song is from an older EP, and it was added purely for a festive touch (happy Halloween!). They’re on the brink of pop-rock and indie-alternative, so they fit my niche perfectly. My favorite part of this is easily the higher xylo/piano chords as well as the trumpets towards the end. Wallows uses trumpets and jazzy tones in a lot of their songs, and this sets them apart from the crowd for me. This song is chill and festive, and I love it.

Track 5: Rollin’ Stone by Kyle Lux

This song is just so up my alley. Another “Bedroom Pop” find, it’s amazing. There’s guitar, good bass, a little synth. It’s upbeat and the lyrics are just super catchy. He gave me such a Conan Gray/FINNEAS vibe, and I am here for it.

Track 6: Lonely by Diplo (feat. the Jonas Brothers)

Of course the newest JoBros song is here; they were my first boyband crush and now that they’re back, I am at the very least thrilled. I loved them for years: I had the posters, the CDs, the merch, you name it. This track with good-friend Diplo is catchy and cute, and the music video is to die for. I love the Jonas Brothers, and I am 100% here for anything and everything that they’re doing at the moment.

Track 7: i love you by Billie Eilish

This is by far my most listened to song from this month. I love Billie and I am dying to go see her when she comes to Boston in 2020 (pls vemno me @emilyhbeatty tickets are stupid expensive). This song is one of the slowest and saddest on her debut album WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? but it is also one of the most beautiful. I found this song when listening to her album again (I was having an emo moment, what about it?). I got to watching the live performance on SNL that she did with her brother and I just had an existential crisis (SNL Performance). She is one of the most talented people under the age of 20 and I can’t get enough of her music. On top of the songs themselves her music videos are literal works of art and I cannot wait for her career to take off more than it already has.

In conclusion: Billie Eilish is dope and I love her.

Track 8: Trampoline by SHAED (feat. ZAYN)

While the Jonas Brothers were my first boyband crush, One Direction was my biggest. I loved them so much and yes I did cry when Zayn left and they broke up (no shame). I had listened to the original version of this song without Zayn and I really liked it. However, the remix with the former teen heartthrob? A million times better. It’s a mix of R&B and alternative, and it’s definitely one I’ve listened to a lot this month.

Track 9: Slide by H. E. R. and YG

This song is definitely more alternative R&B but H.E.R. is fucking worth it. The beat of this song is simple but effective, and her lyrics are well placed and well-written. She’s a talent I discovered with her performance on the MTV VMAs this summer and I’ve been obsessed since. Though this song doesn’t display them as much as I wished, her vocals are insane: her range is extensive but low, which is unique for a female artist. The feature of YG (who I had never heard) is well placed and is a nice addition, and it really makes this a great song to listen to.

Track 10: Pressure by Grady

So, I stream all of my music on Spotify (sorry but, Apple Music sucks), and I stumbled upon this song in the “Bedroom Pop” playlist, which Spotify fills with Indie, Alternative, R&B and low-key pop vibes. It’s a great playlist for hanging with friends, doing homework, or illegal recreational activities (which is my personal favorite use). I had never heard of Grady; his voice is high but mellow, while the bass and drum beats are quick and easy to listen to. The lyrics are catchy, but more of an underground aesthetic rather than a Top 40 one. If Grady pops up again, I will definitely be listening.


If you made it this far, thanks for reading! I love sharing music, so make sure you check out my Instagram @emilyhbeatty to keep up to date with songs I am loving (and have loved in the past, check the music highlight). Many in my monthly playlist will make an appearance on my story, and sometimes there’s a few extras so toss me a follow to get some great new music!


NNNN Episode #21 with Ryan Beaton

Had a great conversation with Ryan that hit on a myriad of topics including:

-His work covering UMass athletics

-Views on the journalism idustry

-Late night TV/Celebrity culture

and of course




Not Your Parents Poetry

It’s a dark and cold Friday morning in December as senior Emily Beatty hits the snooze button on her alarm clock for the last time; she can’t be late for school on this day.

She swings by “Dunks” to grab her medium iced Caramel swirl (just milk of course) and bursts into the door at 7:25am. 5 minutes until one of the bests clubs you’ve never heard of begins: Poetry Club.

The club was founded by current seniors Emily Beatty, Lauren DiTullio, and Amanda Doria at the beginning of the year under the supervision of English and American Identities teacher Tara Iacobucci. “Poetry club is a group of people who all really love to write or listen to poetry” said Beatty, before adding “But we are a very inclusive group, we have freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors!”

Throughout their eleven and some odd years of school almost all students have been taught the same things when it comes to poetry:
“You’ve got to know what it is saying!”
“You’ve got to understand the message!”
“You have to read closely!”

While some of these are most definitely true, the club tries to break down these preconceptions of poetry if not by the strong aroma of a bubbling pot of hot coffee, then by the poems written and spoken by the students themselves.

“I see a lot of friendship and inclusivity when it comes to poetry, we all are supportive of each other and after each poem is read we always clap because everyone writes a beautiful piece!” said senior (and editor of the school’s literary magazine PRISM) Amanda Romano on what she saw as the value of poetry while DiTullio said “I think poetry is really important in expressing yourself” then adding “If you’re having a bad day poetry can really change your mood”

Each meeting is nearly identical in its open forum layout on Friday mornings where anyone who wants to share a poem is given the opportunity to do so. “We meet after school on Thursdays to write poems as a club but it’s not just us who shares[on Fridays]; anyone in the school can as well” said Romano.

Once the first person walks up to the front of the room and lets that first word, line, and stanza go, an avalanche of poems ensue with topics including (but not limited to) love, politics, anxiety, and personal experiences. “It’s one of those things where you just feel better when you’re there” remarked Romano and Beatty echoed the sentiment saying “The group that is there on Friday mornings is easily my favorite thing about the club”

Poetry Club doesn’t have 3 hour long meetings or mandatory events. It is simply an opportunity for students to take 20 minutes out of their busy lives to sip a coffee on a Friday morning and be moved by the words of their poetic peers. So as the bell rings to signify 10 minutes before the start of first period, the magic of poetry becomes just another memory. But those who know the club best don’t hang their heads or sulk.

Their alarms are already set for next week.


I’ve Never Been a Poet

I’ve never been a poet

I’ve been one of the beasts on a field

And a red hot journalist

But certainly never a poet


I’ve had blue sky highs and rock bottom lows

I’ve made some new friends but held the old ones close

I’ve been embarrassed, happy, sad, and in between

But I’ve never been a poet


The hardest part for me is I want to be great

But I’d rather turn green before I imitate

I  just want to be me

To be funny and know it

If only I could express that

I’d call myself a poet


I’ve always been a writer 

And prefer handwritten over computer

My black subject notebook   

Where an idea becomes the future

I think so often 

I wish I was a poet


I never want to be normal

A 9-5 is not for me

My dreams can’t go away 

Being blinded by a white sheet

Balance in life is everything

I can finally say I know it

I’ve been through a lot

But I’ve never been a poet