AI; For Better (probably) or For Worse (definitely maybe)

Are robots and artificial intelligence going to take over the world?

Probably; but probably not in our lifetime.

Last week before shipping up to Amherst I saw a documentary on the topic pop up in my YouTube sidebar (which shows you the kind of shit I watch) and for all the woke think pieces I see about the subject- I figured it would probably be a good thing to look into on my own.

And not to be a complete nerd; I was fascinated.

The clip that most jumped out to me during the hour-long documentary was when the host of the show met up with some guys who developed a voice cloning technology.

You can watch that clip here:

Like one of the team members said in the clip “the technology is not perfect” but the fact that the host could have a conversation with his mom and have her not recognize anything fishy is crazy to me.

Dude, that voice sounded like an HD version of the Google Translate voice playback- you’d have to be a dummy to fall for that.

I tend to agree (no offense to that guy’s mom) but for a computer to come up with that similar a voice after only a couple minutes of recording especially when it used to take more than eight hours to do so shows how quickly this technology is progressing.

The cynic in me immediately thought of the worst ways this technology could be used:



and worst of all

Messing with your friends

These are definitely valid concerns but you have to think that eventually voice recordings are going to lose their value as evidence when people come to realize that this type of technology exists.

Also, the idealist in me thought of ways AI could be put towards a better future.

Uhhhh, how?

My mom works at a rehabilitation hospital for kids with varying disabilities in my hometown and it’s common to see patients who don’t have the ability to speak or if they can it is often very hard to decipher. This type of technology could essentially give them back a voice that doesn’t sound like a computer- that’s pretty freakin’ cool if you ask me.

Whether you want to believe this technology is going to be used for good or bad in the future is up to you but the undeniable truth is that it isn’t going anywhere and it’s only going to get more advanced in the years to come.

I wish I had more details or information to offer but I don’t want to speak on what I don’t know:

To do so would be a sign of artificial intelligence.


P.S- Turns out TikTok is actually run by an artificial intelligence company not a social media start up (I’m still all in but stay woke 👀)

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